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Thursday is regarded as one of the most auspicious day at Raharki Sahib. Every Thursday which comes after the new moon, people from different parts of Sindh gather at Raharki Sahib to get blessings from Saint Sadhram Sahib. Satguru Satramdas Sahib was born on Thursday and to offer their respect and to get the blessings from the Saints of Raharki Sahib, people come to Raharki sahib on Thursdays.

Devri Sahib is a place where people get peace and true happiness of life . On every Thursday Saint Sadhram Sahib himself does the ‘Seva Karya’ at Devri Sahib and then listens to the problems of the people and by blessings them he dispels the darkness in their lives and illuminates their minds with true spiritual Knowledge. .

Another very important day celebrated at Raharki Sahib is Guru Purnima.

On Guru Purnima hundreds of people assemble at Raharki Sahib to seek blessings of the great saints of Sant Satram Dham.


The relationship of a Guru and his disciple is not possible to explain in words. The relationship of a Guru and his disciple is very deep. A Guru and his disciple are very close to each other, they are inseparable like milk and sugar. The Guru is an ideal of the disciple. A true disciple surrenders his heart and soul completely at his Guru’s feet, he is incomplete without his Guruji. On the day of Guru Purnima, people from all over the world go to pay respect to their Gurus. It is said that getting blessings from your Guruji on the day of Guru Purnima is regarded very auspicious.