No language has words that can describe the path of spirituality. It has to be seen and only a great spiritual leader can show us that magnificent world. For me, that spiritual guide was Sai Sadhram Sahib. I was twelve years old when I had first met him. Instantly, his radiant personality and his magnetic appearance attracted me towards him. I touched his feet and as he placed his hand over my head I felt some kind of electricity charging me and flowing through out my body. I felt that he could see right through me and knew more about me than I knew myself. There was light and love in front of my eyes and I just didn’t want to come back from that miraculous feeling. Instantly, I surrendered myself into him and asked him to do something so that I always remain close to him. He answered by saying with me and will remain with me forever.

Gradually I started spending more time with him where he took care of all of my questions, agonies and worries with utmost love and compassion. What felt like splinter in my eye was first a small pebble for him as he used to lovingly give all the solutions to my problems. I got the chance to take his name when I was fifteen. He guided me through the path of life showing me the right way and explaining how much more to life there is. Now there is a positive energy flowing throughout my body and the same world and people look so differently and beautiful. I now feel that I am actual living my life. Imagine a box drawn on a piece of paper and a real box. The real box you can open, use and feel it like its real. I was living the life of the box drawn on a piece of paper which is completely useless. Now, an entire dimension has been added to my life.

The purity, spirituality, love, compassion and austerity of Sai Sadhram Sahib has changed my life completely. He is not just a spiritual leader, he is a gift to mankind. His wisdom and knowledge can change the way you see the world. He can take you on a journey that will show you the deepest revelations of this ‘Kainat’. A journey that will never cease to amaze you. He is an ocean of love and compassion, his caring and loving nature will always make you want to be beside him. I fall short of words to describe this supreme soul. All I know is that he is the one who is my aim and goal. It is on his name that I live. He is responsible for the new life that I lead now. He is the sole owner and commander of my life. He has never let any misery come close to me, instead he has always showered me with blessings and happiness. I thank you, Saiji, for all that you have done for me. I cannot imagine myself without you.

Thank you once again!

Sacho Satram.