My name is Rachna Kataria and this is what I feel about Saijan. I didn’t know Saijan at all but as I grew and saw the devotion of my parents in him the curiosity of knowing him was formed in me. I came to know Saijan through some unbelievable facts. Then through the experiences of my parents and then through the day I saw him; slowly, slowly his never fading smile brought me close to him. Then my life changed much because of his name being taken daily by us.

I was learning to draw and paint. Once I drew a picture of baby Krishna eating butter. My mother suggested to give it to Saijan. I wasn’t confident that my drawing was accurate but at last I gave it. I didn’t expect it to be greatly praised but was delighted when Sai appreciated my work and was happier when the scene where I was giving Saijan the painting was recorded in the main shooting. Saijan also gave me Rs. 500 as Kharchi, which I have saved till now. That day was so pleasant for me unlike any other day because for the first time Saijan had came to our house along with so many people. I really feel so secured if I have Saijan near me. I have gone to Raherki only once. When we were going I was tensed to go to ‘Pakistan’. But when we entered Raherki Mandir, and saw Saijain, I started staying there and meeting Saijan everyday, that I completely forgot that I was in Pakistan. Saijan has some special thing in him that once you meet him you want to meet him again & again. I was also told that Saijan was very intelligent too. So I am very happy to be a devotee of a kind, polite, affectionate and intelligent Saijan.

Our own Dearest Saijan

He is who cares for us,
He is who guides us,
He is who helps us,
He is who always watches us,
He is within us,
And he is someone
Whom we love,
And someone
Who loves us.

He enlightens our life
he gives happiness,
he’s always happy
and full of calmness.
He is our teacher,
not of any subject though
But the teacher who teaches
to be happy in sorrow.
and happy with what one has
may it be beautiful
may it be worst
but it will be worth
if used happily.

He who is our ideal,
He is who gives us inspiration,
He is who makes us perfect,
He is who shows us,
The brighter side of life
is none other than,
our own dearest Saijan.

Sacho Satram.