(1)Every moment I bow down before
    The adorable supreme ruler Satguru Satramdas Sahib
    Who's love and blessings give the experience of understanding
    One's own self
    Everyday I chant your name
    Which itself is so divine.
    Inside outside resides one and only Satguru like a divine
   There is no one above our supremo
   Like Lord Rama, Krishna, Anand
   His blessings and kindness
   Gives the utmost peace of mind
   His abundant blessings
   Give the true peace of mind

(2) Chant Ram chant Ram chant Sacho Satram
     Chant Sacho Satram chant Sacho Satram

     He is the descendent of the supreme ruler Lord Khotaram
     He is the resource of all the happiness
     He solves all the difficulties
     His status is of the supremo
     He is the Lord Rama of Raherki Sahib
    The whole world is his obsessive devotee
     He gives the message of truth
    Chant Sacho Satram chant Sacho Satram

(3) He is the moral support of the innocent
     He supports the destitutes
     He gives strength to the weaker
     He gives hope to the hopeless
     He helps to overcome the difficult phase
     He is the noble giver
     He is the descendent of God
    Chant Sacho Satram chant Sacho Satram

(4) He is the merciful Lord
     He is Krishna Murari
     He is Brij Bihari
     He is Mohan Murari
     Who comes only once
     His one glimpse brings happiness in your life
     He discards all the mental strain
     Chant Sacho Satram chant Sacho Satram

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