When Shehenshah Satgru Sai Satramdas Sahib, left this materialistic world, his youngest son Sai Meherdas Sahib was around 3 to 4 years old.
Sai Meherdas Sahib was an enlightened child. He inherited true wisdom, from his great and highly revered, beloved father, Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib.

One day, when Sant Kanwarram Sahib, returned back to Raharki Sahib, in the afternoon, Sai Meherdas asked Sai Kanwarram Sahib, that why did he come back in the afternoon, as it was very hot. Sai Kanwarram Sahib informed Sai Meherdas Sahib that he had gone to Sukkur with his brother Jadaram’s leg examined by a civil surgeon, who informed them that cancer had spread in jadaram’s leg. Sant sai kanwarram sahib told Sai Meherdas sahib that doctor has asked them to get Jadaram’s leg amputed or the cancer will spread to the other parts of his body. Sant Kanwarram Sahib informed Sai Meherdas Sahib, that he will have to take his brother for his leg surgery.
On hearing this, Sai Meherdas Sahib said, that there was no need to amputate Jadaram’s leg because he remembered, the truthful and profound words of wisdom, of his beloved father Sai Satramdas Sahib, that, if a person ties the leftover of Thandai/Thadal to a part of the body which is badly infected, the infected part gets cured within a few days. (Thandai, is an Indian cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, magaztari seeds (watermelon kernel), rose petals, pepper, vetiver seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar.
Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib, a truly dedicated and an ardent devotee, of Sai Satramdas Sahib, had a great respect and reverence for respected Sai Meherdas Sahib.

So when Sai Meherdas Sahib asked Sai Kanwarram Sahib to tie the leftover of Thadal to Jadaram’s leg, he immediately agreed and did the same and a miracle happened.

Within a few days Jadaram became completely alright, and his leg did not show any signs of cancer.
Doctors were also surprised.

Such is the greatness of Shehehshah Satguru, Sai Satram Das Sahib.

Sacho Satram.