Raherki Sahib is not a name of any place for us. It is a name which is related to our soul, our life.

Our forefathers, our ancestors and even our childhood hail from Raherki Sahib. Raherki Sahib resides in our heart, our soul and in each and every breath we take. Our forefathers were true devotees of Raherki Sahib and we have our selves experienced so many things and miracles at Devri Sahib. Our house was at a stone’s throw in Raherki Sahib from Devri Sahib and even when we shifted to Dhaherki and then to Sukkur and Karachi we kept visiting Raherki Sahib very regularly. It was like visiting our own house where one feels happy to go to and get true peace of mind. How can we forget those days where when we were small we used to play in that holy soil of Raherki Sahib with our friends. Our father, grandfather and great grand father all have gained immense treasure of blessings from Raherki Sahib. We cannot forget the wonderful Babal Bhagwandas Sahib who had spiritual powers to help the needy people. We can’t even forget the Mast Zabardast personality of a true Darvesh Sai Kanhaiyalal Sahib. He was a man of God. His divine powers had done wonders at Raherki Sahib. People from far off places used to come in the hour of their need to Sai Kanhaiyalal to take his blessings.

We remember him solving the peoples matters in minutes and seconds and if he had to go somewhere to solve somebody’s problem or to get any daughters of the poor people married he would not wait even for a second and proceed even without any thing on his feet. We have never seen such a service at any temple or Darbar what we have seen at Raherki Sahib. Raherki Sahib is like a heaven on this mother earth. We are so fortunate to belong from such a holy place.

Sai Sadhramdas Sahib is a messenger of God himself. Since Sai Sadhram Sahib has taken the responsibility of serving at Raherki Sahib, people from all over the world go in large numbers to take his blessings. Sai Sadhramdas Sahib’s always smiling face gives the message of happiness and confidence to the whole mankind. We would advise people all over the world that if they are going through any problems in their lives or if they want the true peace of mind or want to know the actual secret of a happy life they must visit Raherki Sahib. We are advising this because we have the experience of it and would like all the brothers and sisters also to benefit from it.

May God bless all the devotees of Raherki Sahib who religiously and selflessly serve at Raherki Sahib.

Fortunate are those who serve at Satram Dham.

Sacho Satram.