To write in words about my Sai is very difficult but I will try my best to write.

Sai has loved me more than his children, for him I am like a son. I am lucky and so proud that I am so close to him. I am really fortunate.

There are no words I can express about him. He is the presence of radiating joy which cannot be described.

He is a magnetic person who drives everybody towards him. His sayings are like rubies of rare value which I have never read in books or heard.

I trust him fully and completely. For me he is an inspiration. He is all-powerful whose unseen hands bless everybody. His ears are even attentive for all his children. With him all things are possible.

I rely in him in all circumstances. He is a master key to all problems. It is hard to face this world without him. He shares, he cares, and his comforting words and caring touch has helped me out countless times.

I always feel so great to know that he is always with me when times are tough.

Each new morning reminds me of a beautiful way that he loves and cares for me. I try my best to grasp his qualities in my life.

I am really blessed to have him in my life and thank him for everything.


Sacho Satram.