djethwani (1)

Saint Sadhram Saheb is at present the inheritor of the supreme power of Saint Satramdas Saheb at Devri Saheb. Whenever I take his name or just imagine about him, my mind starts moving to and fro in the ocean of happiness. I cannot express my happiness and the feeling I got at the very first sight (Darshan) of Saint Sadhram Saheb. The vibrations of his beautiful smile, his magnetic personality and the bright light in his eyes instantly moved into my body and gave me tons of happiness, which I cannot describe.

That day I came to know that Saijan had reached from Pakistan in the morning and after that he had gone to Ulhasnagar to bless his devotees there and he was going to reach Bombay at 9 o’clock in the night. I went to meet Saijan. I saw so many people were waiting for him. More people were coming in. I thought when Saijan comes he will be so tired but when at around 11:30 pm Saijan reached, his face had that ever green beautiful smile and he looked so fresh and energetic.

He started meeting the people he was blessing them with his unconditional love and kindness and giving Aashirwad to be always happy. When Saijan meets people each one of us feels that Saijan is so close to him/her. If any one tells Saijan that he or she is facing any problems or is in any kind of trouble, Saijan blesses that person and that person’s problems gets solved. He has a healing touch and his blessings have changed the lives of many needy people.

When I met him he showered his love on me. He blessed me and when he kept his hands on my head, I just forgot about myself and all my sorrows and worries disappeared. I cannot express the happiness of that moment. At that very moment I made up my mind that he is the one who is my Guruji and prayed that Saijan accepts me as his devotee and there came that wonderful day when Saijan accepted me as his devotee and now he is always guiding me. May his blessings always shower upon us.

Sacho Satram.