My spiritual experiences and visions of Sant Satramdas Sahib, Sant Kanwarram Sahib and Sant Divan Karamchand Sahib are the precious moments of my life.

During my childhood I used to visit Raherki Sahib with my mother Late Guri and my father Kashiram Sahib. My Grand mother (maternal) was daughter of Saint Sabhagchand the elder brother of Saint Satramdas Sahib. My grandmother’s name was Vinjhar Bai. Saint Kanwarram Sahib used to come to my house to meet her.

There are so many visions and spiritual experiences /miracles of all the Saints which are unforgettable.

Whatever I wish, my wishes were fulfilled by the grace and blessings of Saints of Raherki Sahib. I owe all my success both materialistic and spiritual achievements to those saints.

“Happiness comes from within”. The source of Happiness is the Soul Power, the will power, the power of contentment is within”.

Sacho Satram.