Sai is a divine name for my Guruji. We all love him not only because he is our Guruji but also because of the love he showers upon us. Whenever you look into his eyes you will know he has some kind of charismatic powers. He knows all about you and the best thing is that he knows what you are thinking. Even if you don’t know how to approach him, he will solve your problem in his preaches.

He gives so much support whenever there is a problem. You will feel that he is always there by your side.

I remember when I had gone to “Raherki Sahib” in November last year, I had gone with my husband for just 2 days. When we were just heading towards Raherki Sahib we saw Sai was going out on a visit and we were thinking that we have very less time here and Sai has gone out. We just hoped that we would get enough time with him. But to our surprise, Sai gave us so much time, that we sat with him the whole night and how the time passed we did not know. Then it was time to go back. But we were in double mind whether to go or not to go. It was something like we wanted someone to ask us to stay back. Probably Sai. We were just hoping that he would ask us to stay back.

Finally we said goodbye to everyone and left for Sukkur to catch a flight to Karachi. But when we reached Sukkur we had no confirmed seats on the flight and the flight was full. We went back to Raherki Sahib and we thought we would refresh ourselves and go back to catch another flight. But we landed up staying up for two more days. And to our surprise, we took ‘Naam Daan’ from Sai. We had no intention of taking ‘naam’ but had thought of taking ‘naam’ one day.

Sai had read our minds that he made us stay back and we happened to take ‘naam Daan’ from him.

It was like magic as if our return was all planned from the beginning and how we happened to stay back and take ‘naam Daan’. We still think and keep thinking how it all happened.

Sai, sure is a messenger of God. We all are blessed to have become so close to his heart.

Sai, we are blessed to be your devotees.

Sacho Satram.