I have no words, no expressions to describe him, he is beyond all that ; he is simply beyond i can imagine. one’s life is full of love and joy in his presence. His love makes you full of gratitude. His smiling face brings happiness and feeling of contentment, Relieving all your tensions ,fear anxiety and problems. He is simply marvelous. All I can say is that its an experience to be with him.

SAIJAN lives with simplicity, love ,joy, gratitude and knowledge. He is always aware of things happening in his devotees life ,things might be spoken or unspoken, It is just wonderful experience ,that how he takes care of little little things in your life. You just have to surrender your
self .rest he’ll take care off. The way SAIJAN deals with everybody’s problem is really amazing to observe and experience, so just be with him to experience miracle ; with him I don’t believe in miracle but rely on them.

You just have to have grace of GURU , EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE WILL FOLLOW YOU.

Komal Suresh Kumar Haswani,

Sacho Satram.