It was 1994; I was in Karachi when I received a phone call from my brother Dr. Gurmukh Jagwani from Jalgaon, India. He told me to go and meet Sai Sadhram at Raherki Sahib, Sindh.

I got married in 1986 and since then upto 1994 we had no issue, so he insisted me to meet Sai and pray for a child. I along with my wife Naina went to Raherki Sahib and met Sai. We saw him first time, the first impression came to my mind that how this young Saint will fulfill my needs, because I have seen all Sufi’s & Saints who are more than 45 years in age.

Anyhow, we met Sai and told him that we got a message from Jalgaon because Sai went to India and my brothers told him about my problem, so Sai advised him to ask me to meet him.

Sai listened to my problem patiently and humbly, he gave me one big photo of Sai Satramdas Sahib and told my wife to offer prayers to Sai Satramdas Sahib daily. Also Sai prayed and gave us full assurance that within one year, God will gift us a child.

My wife started worshipping and prayed daily keeping in front the picture of Sai Satramdas and exactly within 12 months time she delivered a baby ‘boy’ who’s name is “Aman”.

This is the miracle in my life that whatever Sai said it come true. Since that day, I regard him my “Guru” and I always remember him whenever, I am in problem, he solves it.

Sacho Satram.