To write about my Sai the Supreme Master, its not that easy, but today this poem, world of thanks comes from me as an expression of how grateful I am to Sacho Sai who has charged this world with grandeur of one and only Sai Sadhram.

I’d like to thank you…
For all the times…
you’ve looked my way
For all the times
you’ve made my day…
For all the things
you’ve given me…
For dreams I thought
would never be…
For being there
when no one came,
For helping me
through times of pain
For all the laughs
that you have shared…
For all the times
that you cared…
For the wrongs
that you made right…
For helping me
through lonely nights
For showing me
the world is mine
I’d like to thank one more time
one and only Sai.

Sacho Satram.