Sai the word in Sindhi language means the teacher, the guru, Sir. Sai is referred to / for someone older, someone you love, you respect. Sai is referred for the Almighty God.

Basically, I am not a person who staunchly believes in Saints, Mahatmas, Sadhus or Sanyasis. So when, sometime back, for the first time I heard about a saint who had come from Pakistan, it didn’t click me much. However, when I saw him (now, I can say fortunately I had his ‘Darshan’), I was really amused, surprised to see the Great Strength he has!

By & by as I had the opportunity to have his darshan time-n-again, I could understand only a drop of His Oceanic Strength, His tremendous power. He works tirelessly day and night for the cause of poor, needy and troubled souls. He tours far & wide around the world to spread the message of Love and Service – the message of his ancestral Guru – Sai Sacho Satramdas Sahibji.

His loving face is ever-ever-smiling (whatever be the time of the day, irrespective of whether he has taken rest or not), his eyes are always glowing, which show the inner strength possessed by Him – truly a Spiritual face.

When He lovingly blesses you with both his hands on your head, you really feel you are in the comfort zone of your mother; a thrilling wave of happiness passes through your body. The pains and grievances get vanished. The troubled, disturbed waters of the ocean of your mind are pacified, the thunderous clouds, the storms calm down.

He is the Person, who has and is spreading the name and fame of Sacho Satramdas Sahib – the world over.

Sacho Satram.