I am ever thankful to Sai Sadhram Sahib by whose blessings God gifted me a son “Aman”.

When Sai came to Jalgaon in 1996, we were in Jalgaon living with our in laws. We came from Pakistan in 1994 and I had delivered Aman in 1995. So, I took Aman to Sai for his blessings and told him his name. Sai gave his blessings to Aman.

Since that day whenever we meet Sai, he asks “How is Aman”, this is the great degree of memory power which Saijan has as Sai meets thousands of people in his daily life but he remembers every face with name, and he always asked me about my son by calling his name.

I have never seen such a memory power in any body.

Sacho Satram.