Guru is the one who spreads the message of love, compassion and peace and who guides the people to live life with confidence. For us, Guru is regarded as Brahma, Vishnu and also as the prototype of God himself. In the same way Saint Sai Sadhram Sahib is our Guruji and we regard him above all. Nobody on this earth and in this Galaxy can take the place of Saint Sai Sadhram Sahib. He rules our hearts.

Our life was like a lonely desert but with the blessings of Saint Sai Sadhram Sahib it changed into a beautiful garden where with the blessings of Saint Sai Sadhram Sahib we got the lovely flowers, Sandesh and Suraksha who are spreading their sweet fragrance in our lovely Garden of life. It is because of Sai Sadhram Sahib’s blessings that we have got the right of calling ourselves mother and father of two lovely kids. We remember those days when we desperately longed for someone who would address us as Mummy & daddy but we are so lucky that our dreams came true with the blessings of Saint Sai Sadhram Sahib. We did not know that we will be blessed by Sai Sadhram Sahib in such a wonderful way when we met him for the first time.

It so happened that slowly our faith in Sai Jan started growing and today he controls our life, he protects us from all the troubles. We find him everywhere around us. When ever we close our eyes we find his beautiful smiling face in front of us giving us the message of love and happiness and we feel his hands on our heads telling us not to feel alone as he is always with us.

We always pray that the way Sai Jan has blessed us, he shall bless others also. Even today if we are in any trouble or we are depressed we remember him and we come out of our problems. It is very difficult to put the greatness of Sai Sadhram Sahib in words. Words are not enough to write about Sai Sadhram Sahib.

Sacho Satram.