I am a firm believer in Destiny, Fate and God. Without His will nothing can happen. At the same time I have heard from elders that there is no salvation without a Guru in one’s life. How true!

In my case Guruji’s presence has brought hope in my life which till then was very distressful. There was a negative atmosphere around me. Feelings of despair, hopelessness dominated my state of mind. It seemed as though I would never experience even small incidents of hope and happiness.

I would neither like to delve into the sufferings I went through before Guruji’s presence in my life nor would I like to mention the gains I got after His presence. I would like to say that suddenly all doors started opening up. There was now a positive energy around me. I have started feeling that nothing can go wrong. All the knots in my entangled life are being disentangled. I attribute this to Guruji’s blessings. May God increase the likes of Him and give Him a long life so that he can serve the sea of humanity.

Sacho Satram.