When Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib on his own will, left this mortal world , the responsibility to serve at Devri Sahib was accepted by Sant Kanwarram Sahib who was a true, obedient and dedicated disciple of Sant Sai Sataramdas Sahib. Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib was respected and revered  by the people of Sindh.

He was the King of hearts of the people of Sindh. His melodious voice was very touching. He did bhakti by singing in his sweet magical and mystical voice. People from far off places, used to come to listen to the euphonious voice of Sant Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib and gave him offerings, in the form of money and jewels. Sant kanwarram Sahib would immediately distribute all the money, and all other offerings offered by the people,  during Bhakti keertans, among the poor and needy people, present there .

Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib respected his revered Guru, Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib and also respected and revered his Guruji’s children. He always regarded himself as his Guruji’s servant, and wanted to always remain at his Lotus feet.
Because of Sant kanwarram Sahib’s intense devotion to Shehenshah Satguru, he did not accept the position of being his spiritual successor and felt content to serve at Devri Sahib as a humble devotee. Sant Kanwarram Sahib to Sai Satramdas Sahib was like ‘Hanuman to Rama’.

After Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib, Sant Bhai Chandiram Sahib who was Sai Satramdas Sahib’s grandson accepted  the responsibility to serve selflessly at Raharki Sahib Devri Sahib.

Bhai Chandiram Sahib left his body on 21st Dec 1961 and after that his younger brother Sant Babal Sai Bhagwandas Sahib served the poor and needy selflessly, at Sant Satram Dham (Devri Sahib).

Babal Bhagwandas Sahib left his mortal body on 31 Aug 1981 and then Sai Kanahiyalal Sahib, a rare gem, a charismatic, insightful Sant, who was very popular by the name of Dulha Darvesh, served selflessly at Sant Satram Dham.

He was a great Sant, very simple and very straight forward. He helped the poor, distressed, grieving and needy people and served with love and care whoever came to Devri sahib . The people around the world are deeply grateful and feel indebted to Dulha Darvesh Sai Kanhaiyalal Sahib, for his amazing foresight in maintaining, preserving and protecting the sanctity and holiness of Sant Satram Dham by giving, it’s responsibility in the caring and responsible hands of Hazir swaroop Sai Sadhram Sahib

Sant Sai Kanhaiyalal Sahib used to be  always very active. Day and night, he worked, looking after the poor and needy people. He had a magical personality. It is said that when he sang Aarti Sahib, in his heart touching voice at Devri Sahib, he would forget about everything, even his own self, and got fully absorbed singing Aarti and Ardas Sahib Sahib.

It is said that he never liked to miss singing Aarti Sahib at Devri Sahib. Once late Baba Hardasram Sahib of Jalgaon asked him to come to India. Sai Kanahiyalal replied, that he can go to India, only if he is able to return back to Devri Sahib every evening, for performing Aarti Sahib. So much he revered and respected his SATGURU Sai Satramdas Sahib.
Sai Kanahiyalal Sahib was born on 1st July 1931. He left his mortal body, to become one with his Satguru on 5th June 1990.