The very first, Highly revered and respected Sant, who with his divine and Godlike presence, blessed Raharki Sahib was, Aad Satguru, Sant Sai Khotaram Sahib. Sant  Sai Khotaram Sahib was a Holy man, a highly esteemed Sant. He had great spiritual powers, and was deeply revered and respected by the people, all over Sindh. He always helped poor and needy people. He sang Gurbani in a very beautiful touching way, in his melodious voice, which held the people spellbound. When he sang Gurbani, people sat absorbed.

Once, when the famine hit many villages in Sindh, farmers, as well as the Zamindars came to Saijan for his blessings.

Saijan called upon all the Panchayats, and made an appeal to all the Zamindars, that since there was a lot of food shortage, so out of total crop of 24 tons per head, each Zamindar should bring 5 kgs for the poor & needy people. One  Zamindar, Surajmal said, that in such a situation of famine, it was not possible to take such a responsibility, and they went back.

Next morning all the Zamindars returned back and fell down, at the lotus feet of Sai Khotaram Sahib, and pleaded for mercy. When Saijan asked them, that what made them change their minds, they replied, that because they refused to obey him, and refused to do, what he told them, they were unable to sleep peacefully . At night they all saw, scary dreams in their sleep , in which they saw snakes and evil powers, who were suffocating them and threatening to kill them. All the zamindars were feeling  very guilty and wanted Saijan, to forgive them, for not obeying his orders. On hearing this, Saijan said, that, those who repent or regret, and understand their mistakes, are not punished by the God, as there is no sin too great that  the God cannot forgive us.