In the earlier days there were no good roads and transportation facilities. Everyone used to travel on a bullock cart or horse cart or used to go walking. The muddy roads were not straight, but zigzag or up and down. On long distances, there was no facility of drinking Water or rest rooms and people travelling long distances would face many dificulties.

Due to this, Saint Satramdas Sahib got the rest rooms made, wells digged on different routes. He also got travelers provided with many other facilities on their routes for their comfort. Many devotees used to do these jobs very happily and would get the blessings from Saint Satramdas Sahib.

On the way to Kho Khenge a village in Sindh, where there was a barren land and there was no trace of water even at a long distance. There was not even a place to take rest. During summer, people as well as the animals and birds used to crave to drink water and searched for for water very desperately.

Saint Satramdas Sahib with his followers came to Kho Khenj and under his supervision Saint Satramdas Sahib got the well and rest room constructed within a month, which was a blessing for everyone living in that village and even for the travellers.

Sacho Satram.