Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib came to this world to bless people, to cure their incurable diseases and dispel ignorance from their lives. Unhappy, needy, rich and poor, everyone used to come to him to seek his blessings.

A man whose name was Ladomal Dhanraj advani, came to Sant Satramdas Sahib. He was suffering from leprosy and itching, and due to this, he had wounds all over his body.

With the blessings and medication prescribed by Sant Satramdas Sahib, he started improving, and became healthy. Ladomal during his stay at Raharki Sahib got very much attached and connected  to Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram das Sahib, and did not want to go away from Saijan’s precious presence.

Every day Ladomal  had, a divine darshan of Sant Satramdas Sahib, and very lovingly he would listen to his Satsangs, participate in NAAM SIMRAN and he also, did selfless service, at Sant Satram dham Sahib. He had forgotten about his house and family, and by living under the care and loving shelter of Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, he got completely absorbed in the love of his beloved Satguru Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib.

During his stay at Sant Satram dham , Ladomal, would not let his wounds heal, because he used to  scratch his wounds, with his nails again and again.

One day Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib made Ladomal sit beside him and asked him, that why his wounds were not healing.

Ladomal replied
“Oh beloved Satguru because of these wounds, I am able to enjoy your pious, and precious company and if they heal, I will have to go away from you, and I will be lost in the illusory world. Humans are such creatures who forget about the beloved Lord, when they are happy, and remember him only in their difficult times. I want to be with you, my beloved Satguru, and  if these wounds remain on my body, you will let me stay here,  but my wounds get cured, I will lose the privilege of being in your pious company . Once You had told in your beautiful Satsang, that when for the last time, Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur to say goodbye to everyone , he asked Kunti to tell him if she wanted something, Kunti told Lord Krishna, that if he agrees, he should give all her sorrows back to her. On hearing this Krishna asked her Aunt Kunti, that why she wanted her sorrows, back in her life, and said that, May the Lord always keep her away from all the miseries and difficulties, as she had already suffered so much in her life and now she was a queen and deserved to be happy.

but Kunti said, that she did not want the comforts, because, when she was suffering, she frequently had Lord’s divine darshans, but the comforts kept her away from him for so many years, so she pleaded with the Lord to take the comforts away from her, and asked Bhagwan to return, all her sorrows, so that, she never gets separated from him.”

Ladomal said “Oh Beloved Satguru, these wounds and boils keep me connected to you, so I do not want them to heal . Due to these miseries and comforts I have suffered the cycle of many births and deaths, Now get me freedom from this cycle of birth and death, and let me live under your shelter because, those who do selfless service without complaining of difficulties and disappointments with complete faith under the shelter of a true Satguru, get freedom from grief and are blessed with NAAM DAAN and attain Moksha at the God’s Lotus feet.”

On seeing Ladomal’s pure love, his sorrowful complain, and loving request, Sant Satram Das Sahib blessed him, and with his divine blessings gave him freedom from all the miseries in his life. With the blessing from Sant Satramdas Sahib and accepting NAAM DAAN he spent his life doing selfless service and crossed the ocean of illusory world to become One with the Lord and attained Moksha.

Sacho Satram.