It was the beginning of autumn. Warm wind currents were the cause of, trees shedding their leaves. Due to the shedding of leaves the bird’s nests were becoming hotter & hotter and due to this the small chicks were in misery. Reptiles & other smaller creatures were desperately searching for the shelter under the soil.

One autumn evening, in the small village of Raharki Sahib a holy man Bhai Nebhaumal and his son Bhai Veeruram were deeply engrossed in the prayers. The heavenly blessings were showering upon both of them. Suddenly they felt, a touch of cool blissful breeze and they felt so blessed. They witnessed a beautiful spiritual light before their eyes.

In such a spiritually illuminated atmosphere they saw some Angels coming towards them, and after coming down they told them that their intense worship and prayers through the ages are answered and accepted by the Lord Almighty. They said that they had come to bow down in reverence to the mother earth because a great Saint sent by the God Himself was going to take birth in human form to bless the entire mankind and he will guide people to the Path of Oneness .

They also said that this great saint will spend his life like any other common man but will enhance the self-worth of the humankind. The angels also informed that this descendant of God in the form of a human being will be a boon to mankind. After informing Bhai Nebhumal and Bhai Veeruram about the great Saint these angels disappeared.

Sacho Satram.