Once when the supreme ruler, the Great Saint Sai Khottaram Sahib was sitting in a gathering and showering his blessings upon the people present over there. He said “My aim of coming on this earth is over and now I bow down before that great Lord and thank him for guiding me to fulfill my goal and from today onwards the responsibility of taking care of all of you is given to Satramdas. You all will get success and prosper in all the fields in your life under the guidance of Satramdas.

Followed under the guidance of Satramdas you can pursue your spiritual goals while leading normal lives and achieve eternal Oneness. From today onwards responsibility of the holy place of Raharki Sahib will be taken over by Satramdas. The Lord will welcome who ever will chant his name in his prayers. Chanting the name of Satramdas will be like chanting the name of God, as they both are the same.

That means ‘Sacho Satram’ is the name of God and chanting of this name will free you from the cycle of birth and death. From today onwards no one shall remember me. No one shall chant my name. No one shall celebrate my birth or death anniversary. The only name you have to chant is Sacho Satram.”

After conveying this message Saint Khotaram Sahib went into deep meditation forever and the flame of his life became one with the Lord Almighty. Every one bowed down before Satguru Satramdas Sahib and accepted him as their Guru and guide.

Sacho Satram.