Saint Satramdas Sahib’s son Saint Dayaldas Sahib was suffering from incurable fever and cough and due to that he had lost his health and became very weak. A lady came to Saint Satramdas Sahib’s beloved wife Mata Sachet Devi, and told her that when someone suffers from such a problem in their house their mother makes a soup which gives complete relief and cures the patient and if she agrees, she can ask her mother to prepare the same soup for Saint Dayaldas sahib .

Being a loving mother who was very upset about her son, Mata Sachet Devi asked that lady to get that soup for child Dayaldas.
The girl went and asked her mother to prepare the soup. Actually that soup was made with baby rabbit’s meat. The girl’s mother immediately made the soup of baby rabbit and both of them went to Saint Satramdas Sahib house.

When these ladies reached the entrance of the house they saw Saint Satramdas Sahib was sitting with his unwell son in his lap and was patting his son lovingly, which was making the child feel very comfortable. Saint Satramdas Sahib’s wife was also standing besides them and the other children also were sitting around and were entertaining their brother to make him feel happy.

The whole atmosphere was filled with divine love.

The moment Saint Satramdas Sahib looked at the door and looked a covered vessel in the hands of those ladies he understood the whole thing and suddenly the lid of the vessel opened, and a live baby rabbit jumped out of the vessel and both mother and daughter got scared. after witnessing such a great miracle these women understood the greatness of Saint Satramdas Sahib and bowed down at his Lotus feet.

Saint Satramdas Sahib said that every living being has a soul within his body which is actually the God himself who resides in every living being and that is why all the saints and holy people see God in every living being so to kill one living being to save another one is not justice, it is a crime.

It is true that among all the living beings human is superior but that is only if he sees God in others too and maintains a good behavior with every one. He shall be happy and let others also live happily otherwise humans cannot be called superior to other living beings. he said that they tried to save his child by killing the child of a rabbit, which is like saving one’s life at the cost of others life and it is a horrifying sin. This is against the principle of human superiority or humanity and is unjustifiable. He said that In his opinion there is no difference between the soul of his son and a rabbit’s soul.

The divine power or the pious light of the eternal truth resides in both of them. That’s why they both are equal to him.

After saying this he asked his wife to get the child ready, for his final journey. Maata Sachet Devi who herself was also an enlightened soul got her son Dayaldas ready like a bride groom and handed him to Saijan. Looking at the child Saint Satramdas Sahib smiled and said “those who sacrifice, attain the highest honour here and even at the lord’s feet. Now there are no more duties in your account to accomplish so smile and go ahead towards the lord almighty and achieve eternal Oneness. You will not have to regret for anything. “

The child after taking the blessings of becoming immortal smiled, and bowed down at the feet of Satguru Sai and attained Moksha. His mother herself got him ready like a bride groom and offered him to the coffin. Maata sachet devi said that one cries for the dead but not for the immortal. She said that her son attained God and he had become immortal and he will always be remembered by everyone, no one cries for immortal souls”

Sacho Satram.