When every one got together to build the Samadhi Sahib  of Shehenshah Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, they came to know, that the pious water of sacred river Ganga, was not available, to purify the place, where the the sacred Samadhi Sahib was going to be built. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, it was not possible to go, and get the holy water of Ganga,  in short time. 

Sant Kanwarram Sahib at that time was carrying four years old, Sain Meherdas Sahib, the adorable son of Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib in his lap. When he was informed, that the holy water of Ganga was not available, to purify the area of  Samadhi Sahib, he said “A place itself is holy,where great Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib came for the betterment of all the human beings. The heart of any great Sant,  is always pure and kind,  like the  holy water of Ganga, in fact, Ganga flows inside their hearts, and flows automatically to the place where these great Sants dwell.

Actually, we all, watch the world with our outer eyes, we don’t see what actually is within us, we don’t look within our hearts. But if we try to look deeper, into our hearts, with true intentions, love and kindness we will get fully absorbed, in the pious love of our beloved lord, which keeps flowing within our hearts. So, if all of us, with our true and pure minds, try to please the lord, then the holy Ganga herself will appear within our hearts.”

After saying this, Sant Kanwarram Sahib started performing Ardas Sahib, and while he was praying, a wave of pure milk appeared, at the place in Devri Sahib, where the Samadhi Sahib of Shehenshah Satguru, was going to be built. The flow of the holy wave, was about 2 feet high and it kept flowing and people, who were present there, were amazed by looking at the miracle, and everyone started praising Sai’s divine miracle. Sant Kanwrram Sahib said, ” this wave actually has appeared from the original holy Ganga, where our soul bathes after leaving the body. This  pious wave of Sacred river Ganga,  is whiter than the milk, it purifies itself, by touching the pious feet, of the great Sants and Mahatmas and then it merges with the God almighty. The Hindu yogis call it Triveni.

Sant Kabir das called it Mansarovar, the true Baba Grunanak Dev called it Amritsar. The great Master, has taught us, that this world is not our actual destination, so don’t be slave of your ignorant mind and body, but try to illuminate your inner self with the spiritual light, of truth and remove ignorance within you.” Sant Kanwarram Sahib said, that the pure wave was flowing inside the heart of  Shehenshah Satguru Sant Sai Satramdas. We should also try to be so pure, that we get the honor to bathe in  the Holy Ganga flowing within our hearts, and that is possible, only of we chant the divine name of the Lord almighty so religiously, that we become like him, and are able to merge with him.

Sant Kanwarram Sahib also said, that this pure wave of  sacred river Ganga will always flow in Raharki Sahib as Satram Sarovar, to keep reminding us,  about the message of Satgru Shehenshah Sai Satram das Sahib. He said the the  the pure wave of Ganga, will first touch the sacred ashes of Sant Satramdas Sahib, and then it will always flow there,  as a holy Sarovar, and people will come and make their fortune by bathing in it.

He said, that holy water of Ganga, will remind us, that to merge with Satguru Sai, we must chant the name of God, which will take us to our true destiny, where everyone will be same and equal. Sant Kanwarram Sahib requested Sai Meherdas Sahib, to place the sacred ashes of Satguru Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib. As soon as, Sai Meherdas Sahib, placed the sacred ashes of Sai Satram das Sahib, the wave of holy Ganga, started flowing towards the sacred ashes, it touched the ashes, and then flowed around Devri Sahib, and then flowed down into the Khui Sahib (Satram sarovar) and it is still flowing there, to give freedom to people from their bad deeds (karmas).

Sacho Satram.