Now the time came when there was peace and happiness in each and every house.  Beautiful weather was spreading greenery and flowers, and cool breeze was blowing everywhere.

It was harvesting time and, new crop was arriving from the fields. Every family was feeling contented by the grace of the lord. The lamps of Diwali were twinkling, sweets were distributed everywhere. The moon by spreading its moonlight was removing all the  darkness,  because that day on the earth, he who was going to  spread the divine light everywhere, was arriving.
Winter and summer sat side by side, creating a climate, which was neither hot nor cold, as they knew that the one who will get freedom for everyone from the clutches of the intense moods  of winter cold  and the heat of summer is arriving.Lord Indra was spreading the sweet fragrance of flowers by showering them very softly. Day and night came to a standstill and it was crack of the dawn. The whole atmosphere became peaceful.It was the time of arrival of the Lord himself.

On Thursday the 25th of October 1866 Greatest of all, the supreme lord Satguru Shehensha Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib was born to convey the message of love and truth on this kind Mother earth.

Sweets were distributed everywhere and the child after taking birth, instead of crying, started chanting OM, OM and whoever was sitting there, at that time heard it very clearly. The child’s face was long and had a spiritual light  on his forehead, his eyes had a divine twinkle and he was wearing a sweet smile on his face. There was a beautiful aura, a unique sheen, a glow on his faceEverywhere everyone was congratulating each other. Everyone’s face was blooming with happiness. Whoever had a glimpse of the child was praising the extraordinary creation of God. On hearing the admiration, all the people around the village were excitedly waiting to see and carry the attractive faced child in their own arms.

The child was taken to the his father, a great Saint, Sant Sai Khotaram Sahib who was sitting with his followers. He looked at his son, the eyes of both great personalities met each other and their hearts exchanged the divine signals.
Sant Sai Khotaram Sahib through his divine powers, recognized , that the lord himself had taken birth in his house, as his beloved son, , he looked up and expressed his gratitude to Parmatma and went into deep meditation, which continued for 3 consecutive days.

Many a people were suggesting different names for such a godly child. One man brought Sukhmani Sahib and the page that was opened, had the mantra which meant that the one who always bears god’s name is truly the devotee of Lord Rama.

So Sant SainKhotaram Sahib said that the godly child will follow  the path of truth and He who will make others also believe in truth shall be named SATRAMDAS.

Sat = actual/existing,
Ram = who resides in each and every breath,
Das = true devotee

He is a person who has attained divinity and believes in his true existence.

Lord Krishna has said in Geeta, “Truth is a part of me.”

Sacho Satram.