Once Shehensha Saint Satramdas Sahib went to Shahdadpur on an invitation from its panchayat. Many a people from the surrounding villages had also come to seek his blessings.

Early in the morning wearing a simple long robe, Ghungroos on his feet along with his followers, Shehenshah Sai Satramdas sahib sang in the praise of the lord almighty and it looked as if Lord Krishna was standing amongst the Gopis.

The prayers and Bhajans performed by Saint Satramdas Sahib held people spell bound. Not only humans even the birds and animals used to sit absorbed. When Saint Satramdas Sahib raised his hands to offer prayers by singing, devotionally in high pitch, Even Bhagat Sahib’s voice could not reach his level of loud and intense high pitch .

Bhagat Sahib had worn silk clothes and that silky cloth got stuck in the Ghunghroos on his feet and he was trying to remove it from his Ghunghroos and could not sing with Saint Satramdas Sahib. When Saint Satramdas Sahib realized that his voice did not get the responding voice of Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib. Saint Satramdas Sahib said ‘what is the use of wearing silky clothes which becomes an obstacle in performing the prayers in the praise of God”.

That was the last day Kanwar Ram Sahib wore a silky dress. After that he always wore simple cotton clothes.

When Saint Satramdas Sahib came to know that Bhagat Sahib had kept himself away from the fake shine of the silky clothes, he praised and blessed Bhagat Sahib and with the Blessings of Shehenshah Satguru, Bhagat Sahib got so much popularity that he became the king of the hearts of the people of Sind and is still remembered by the people with great respect. His bhajans, kafis, and ragas are still very popular through out the world in the Sindhi communities .

Sacho Satram.