Once while Saint Satramdas Sahib was delivering a spiritual discourse at Sant Satram dham Raharki Sahib, two people from Khanpur came and informed Saijan that Bhai Nachumal who was the true devotee of Saint Satramdas Sahib was on the verge of dying and wanted to have his Darshan (divine glimpse).

Two days passed and Saint Satramdas Sahib being busy at Raharki Sahib could not go to Khanpur with those people. These people from Khanpur thought that since two days have already passed Bhai Nachumal who was on the verge of dying must have died so why not to go back,and they left for Khanpur. On reaching there they were shocked as they came to know that Nachumal had left this world but before his last rites he got up and came back to life again.

These people inquired from Nachumal about the incident.

Nachumal on insisting told them that actually two Angels had come to take him but when they took him to the heaven, he saw Saint Satramdas Sahib sitting on a throne and on seeing him, Saijan asked that why he had come there?

Nachumal replied that the angels brought him.

Saint Satramdas Sahib said that it was not the actual time for him to come to heaven. Saijan also said that only after six months of his own departure in a human from the mother earth, Nachumal will come to the heaven .”

Nachumal said that it was because of Saint Satramdas sahib’s wish that he was still alive.

Then later on this came true. When Saint Satramdas Sahib left for heavenly abode leaving behind the beautiful memories and his precious teachings for everyone, six months later Bhai Nachumal also passed away after taking leave from all the people of the village.

Sacho Satram.