Saint Sai Khottaram Sahib understood that the Avtar himself had come on the earth in the human form. He looked up to the sky and thanked God, he closed his eyes and went into deep meditation for 3 consecutive days and nights.

On the other hand all the followers were tensed as child Satramdas was not accepting his mother’s milk, he even refused to take water and sugar but there was not a single trace of any uneasiness or agitation on his face, instead he was smiling and cheerful,so people felt happy looking at him as he was making them feel sheltered and comfortable.

The child’s face was blooming in an extraordinary manner and there was an spiritual illumination on his face. On one hand the waves of happiness were growing in everyone’s mind by looking at the child’s face and on the other hand people were upset as the child was not accepting any thing and His beloved father Saint Khottaram Sahib was also in deep meditation.

Everyone felt restless and did not know what to do.

After 3 days when Saint Khottaram Sahib got up after meditation everyone bowed down before him and informed him that child Satramdas had not taken any thing since 3 days.

They gave the child in Saint Khottaram sahib’s lap. He looked at the child and understood what the was going on in the child Satramdas Sahib’s mind.

Saint Khottaram Sahib understood that Saint Satram Das Sahib has come to the mother earth not to eat or drink something and not to enjoy materialistic things but to guide the innocent human beings and to illuminate their path with divine light of wisdom to achieve eternal oneness and to make them attain the divinity which is possible only if they chant the name of beloved Lord through NAAM SIMRAN and DHYAN.

Child Satramdas wanted to be blessed with the NAAM Mantra from his beloved father Saint Khotaram sahib as he wanted people to do Naam Simran to dispel the darkness of ignorance from their minds to know the eternal truth.

Saint Khottaram Sahib understood that child Satramdas Sahib was not an ordinary soul he was a great saint in the form of a ordinary human being.

Saint Khotaram Sahib came close to the child Satramdas, whispered in his ears and blessed him with the divine pious and powerful NAAM MANTRA and the child Satramdas by lowering his eyes bowed down at the feet of Saint Khottaram Sahib and accepted the True and pious Naam daan blessed by Saint Khottaram Sahib. Saint Khottaram Sahib whispered in Child Satramdas sahib’s ears that, it is necessary for a human being to eat food and drink water to keep himself fit and fine but the thirst to attain divinity would be accomplished only by chanting the name of the God. He also said that he being his Satguru would bless him and no wave of this world will be able to shake him and distract him from his aim of preaching and guiding people and illuminating their minds to attain ONENESS and he would be able to make ignorant people aware of what is truth and how to live an honest and pious life.”

After taking the blessings of Satguru Saint Khottaram Sahib, the child Saint Satramdas accepted his mother’s milk and everyone started congratulating each other.

With this, the journey of Saint Satramdas Sahib for the betterment of ignorant human beings started on earth.

Sacho Satram.