Aayal Mal from Ghotki, was a poor man, he had a small piece of land, on which he thought of constructing a well, But for the expenditure, he had one silver coin which he thought of getting melted so that the money he would get out of it, he could use to construct a well and can live his remaining life happily. When Aayal Mal started the construction of the well, due to some problems the mud, being not good for the construction, would slip down again and again and the work of construction of the well would stop.

Aayal Mal became very upset so he went to Bhai Chandumal’s temple and there one Pundit ji told him that the well was not getting constructed not because of the mud but because of his own ill fortune, he also said that there were so many wells around his land then why he was unsuccessful in constructing a well on his own land. Pundit ji told Aayal mal that because he had committed many sins in his previous birth he was in this birth paying for sins of his past. Pundit ji also told him that no one could get him out of that situation but only if he goes to Sain Satramdas Sahib he will get relief from the burden of his bad karmas.

From that moment only, Bhai Aayal Mal started remembering Saint Satramdas Sahib in his mind and started feeling secured under Saint Satramdas Sahib’s protection. It was very difficult for him to spend the night, as he was very eager to meet Saint Satramdas Sahib. Next day morning he hurriedly went to the station to go to Raharki Sahib. He bought a ticket for third class compartment. While he was waiting for the train, he saw some other people of the city on the station. On asking he came to know that those people were waiting for Saint Satramdas Sahib who was traveling by train to Raharki Sahib and he was going to get down at the Ghotki station for sometime. On hearing this Aayal Mal got very excited and in his mind he was trying to please Saint Satramdas Sahib and as the train reached he immediately went and bowed down at the feet of Saint Satramdas Sahib.

Saint Satramdas Sahib hugged him and gave him Prashad of Patashas (sweet made with sugar) and asked him to put Patashas in the well and said that God will have mercy on him. Aayal Mal did what Saint Satramdas Sahib told him and the work of digging the well started. The work, which was going to take at least 5 days, got over by the evening itself. It was amazing. Every one thanked Saint Satramdas Sahib. Such was the greatness of Sai Satramdas Sahib that he always took the responsibility of anyone in distress, as everyone was equal in his eyes. After some years Aayal Mal became so rich that he organized to serve food at the well for everybody in the name of Saint Satramdas Sahib.

Sacho Satram.