Sukhdev Manghandas from the city of Garhi Yasin came to Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib.

He told Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib that by following his teachings he was fulfilling his duties towards his family and was doing business too with honesty.
He told Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib that he does selfless service by helping the needy people, he was very happy and doing well in his business also.
He told saijan that sometime back, Tilokchand, a man from the city of Shikarpur came to him and told him that he had become bankrupt, though people thought that he was rich, but his actual circumstances were not good and he could not even afford food for his family. Tilokchand wanted his help in the name of his Satguru, so that he can live respectfully, in this society, without any embarrassment, and said, that when his financial condition improves, he shall pay back all his debts
Sukhdev told Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, that looking at Tilokchand’s bad condition he helped him by giving him some stock for his house and even lended him some money . After some days Tilok chand, came back, and said that he was still in a very bad condition and he had no money to buy food, and even his creditors were troubling him, so he wanted more help, when he looked at Tilokchand’s face with tears in his eyes and saw loss of hope on his face, he helped him again.
Sukhdev told Sant Satram Das Sahib, that Tilokchand, came to him for the third time and said that it was very difficult for him to maintain a good status in this society. His children had grown up and he had to go for a wedding, at his in in-law’s place, which he could not even ignore, and it was necessary for him to attend the wedding,  but he had no jewelry for the ladies of the house, as he had sold all the jewelry and nothing was left with him. Tilokchand  asked him for  some jewelry for a week, which he could give to his wife and children to wear and said that he shall return it back, after a week. ”
Sukhdev told Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib that he helped Tilokchand once again, by giving him some money and jewelry but Tilok chand did not turn up, after a week, and not even after 15 days, so he got worried and went to his house. when he reached Tilokchand’s house and asked him to return his jewelry Tilok chand looked at him angrily and said
that he was never in such a need that he would take something from him , called him insane, did not accept that he had taken anything from him, and also said, that to keep a good image in the society, he was telling lies. Tilokchand also threatened him, that if he tells this to anyone, he will teach him such a lesson, that he will not be able to show his face to anyone.”
Sukhdev told Sant Satramdas Saheb that Tilokchand spoke very rudely to him and dragged him out of his house. After that incident, he was very disturbed and felt like, not doing good, to anyone in the future, and pleaded with Sant Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib to guide him.
After hearing Sukhdev’s sad story Sant Satramdas Sahib smiled and Said
” Bhai Sukhdev, you have done a good deed for the sake  of God and so you will be benefited and will prosper in your life and don’t worry about what Tilokchand has done to you, go and tell him that you will not tell anyone about this incidence, and also inform him that you came to meet me, and told me everything and I have also told you not to tell anyone about this incidence.”
Sukhdev after taking leave from Sai Satram Das Sahib, went to Tilokchand and told him that he had gone to Raharki Saheb to meet Sant Sai Satramdas sahib and  gave him Saijan’s message that they should not tell anyone about what happened between them.
On hearing this Tilokchand got angry and asked Sukhdev, that, why he went to Sant Satramdas Sahib to complain about him, and why Sant Satramdas Sahib did not call him to Raharki Sahib and did not even call a Panchayat to solve the matter. Though Tilokchand got angry with Sukhdev but in his mind he got confused and very unpleasant thoughts started coming into his mind and he felt restless and then he decided to go to Sant Satramdas Sahib. Sant Satramdas Sahib also called Sukhdev to Raharki Sahib.
Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib said
” Dear Son Tilokchand, people speak good and even bad in this world. When people speak good about us, we like it, but if they talk bad about us, we cannot tolerate it. We all want to listen to only good things about us. Human nature is such, that we forget the good words spoken by anyone about us and
like to remember what bad things people said, and we get angry because it hurts our ego and we are so egoistic that we cannot handle our ego being hurt.
There are so many people in this world who are helpless and needy, and to fulfill their needs, they pray to God and then God sends them to some good people. These good people do the needful for the poor and needy in the name of God. God takes care of those who help these needy persons. You went to Sukhdev with a bad intention but asked for help in the name of God, and he helped you in the name of his Satguru. God will give him the benefit of doing a good deed, but you cheated him by not accepting, that you took his help, and you are also refusing to return the Gold ornaments he gave you, and now, if he goes and tells people about your fraud, then those who help the needy, helpless, underprivileged and poor people in the name of God, will stop helping such people and due to this, good people will miss the opportunity to earn goodness and the needy will remain without help. And you will be responsible for that sin, and for that, you will have to suffer the consequences, by your own Karmas. Because of your fraud, the people who want to perform good deeds and those who deserve to get help will not be benefited and that is why I told Sukhdev not to tell people about this heinous incident”
Tilokchand was in tears when he heard the beautiful pravachan of Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib and said” Oh my beloved lord, you have blessed me, with your true words and now bless me that I too become like seth Sukhdev, who serves selflessly in the name of God.”
Tilokchand got back, all the money and jewellery and gave it to Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib and Sant Satramdas Sahib returned that to Sukhdev.
He blessed Tilokchand with NAAM DAAN and saved him from doing wrong things in his life, and by accepting the precious NAAM from Sant Satramdas Sahib, Tilokchand became a very honest and hardworking person and started helping people. The one who used to cheat others, now started supporting the needy people.

Sacho Satram.