Through his prayers and intense worship and by singing in the praise of his creator, Saint Satramdas Sahib used to teach and inspire people to achieve Eternal Oneness by following the path of truth and honesty.

Any one who would come with some desires to Sai Satramdas Sahib would get them fulfilled by his prayers and blessings and what ever Saint Satramdas Sahib said would always come true. Many needy would come to him to take his blessings to get their wishes fulfilled.

Many couples who did not have children would request Saint Satramdas Sahib to pray for them and then with the blessings and prayers of Sai satramdas sahib these childless couples would be blessed with children within some years and then they would come to meet Saint Satramdas Sahib with their newborns and would Saijan to sing a lullaby for their babies.

Three brothers Gobindram, Naraindas and Sobhraj did not have children, they requested Saint Satramdas Sahib to pray for them so that they are blessed with children. Saijan Prayed for the brothers and within a year they were blessed with children and then they came to Saint Satramdas Sahib and requested him to sing Divine lullaby to their newborns .

The lullabies sang by Saint Satramdas Sahib in his soft, harmonious and melodious voice used to be regarded as Divine blessings by the God himself.

Sacho Satram.