Once when Saint Satramdas was returning from Thal after taking leave from Samanaram Sahib, two Brahmins who had come from Badeen met Saijan and requested him to give them Rs. 500/- for the marriage of their daughter. They told Saint Satramdas Sahib that they went walking to Raharki Sahib and came to know that he was in Thal.

Saint Satramdas Sahib said that after his prayers in the evening he would give them the said amount out of the offerings given in the name of the lord for the needy people. But the Brahmin’s told Saint Satramdas that if he gives them the money from the offerings everyone will come to know about this and they will lose respect in the society and their daughter’s to be in-laws will break the engagement.

On hearing this Saint Satramdas Sahib gave them Rs. 500 and said that we should be always grateful to God and should never feel proud of our fake status. We should be thankful to the Lord who is giving us health and happiness and who is our protector.

Sacho Satram.