Shehenshah Satguru Saint Satramdas Sahib visited some places in Balochistan on the invitation of the Panchayats of Balochistan, when Shehenshah Satguru reached Kalat he was given a very warm welcome.

In the morning at the time of Amrit vella when Saint Satramdas Sahib was performing bhakti by singing beautiful bhajans in the divine name of the God almighty in his melodious voice, thousands of people gathered and were held spellbound.

The stentorian, high-pitched, melodious voice of Shehenshah Satguru seemed as if it had persuaded the Lord Almighty to merge in the existing life on the earth.

Among the thousands of people present, the Guru of the head of the panchayats of Balochistan was also present. Guru ji told the head of the panchayat that Saint Satramdas Sahib was not an ordinary man but an Avtar of God himself and he asked the head of the panchayat to take blessings from Sai satramdas sahib because (the Head of the Panchayats was childless.) the prayer offered by Saint Satramdas always came true.

Saint Satramdas was requested for Palav Sahib (it is the custom of holding a prayer meeting requesting Lord almighty to fulfill their wishes ).

After Palav Sahib was performed, the head of the Panchayat requested Saint Satramdas to bless him so that he is blessed with a child and he also requested Saint Satramdas to sing Raag Sarang so that the Lord also showers his blessings.

As Saint Satramdas started singing raag Sarang in his beautiful touching voice the clouds started gathering in the sky , the cold wind started blowing and it started drizzling.

After it rained for some time Shehenshah Satguru Saint Satramdas Sahib sang two lines of Sorath and the rain immediately stopped, and exactly after one year the head of the panchayat of Balochistan was blessed with a son and he sent Prasad to Saint Satramdas at the dham Sahib in Raherki Sahib.

Sacho Satram.