Once Shehensha Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib was completely engrossed in his bhakti at Jarwahran Sahib when he heard some one calling, “Is there someone, beloved of the Lord almighty who shall eat hot chick peas and make his fortune?”

That day Early in the morning child Kanwar was woken up by his beloved mother who asked him to go to whom he belonged to – Kanwar asked “To whom do I belong to?” “I belong to you, who else?” The mother replied, “Son you belong to Saint Satramdas Sahib.”

“His one holy glimpse shall relieve you from the cycle of birth and death, those who meet him are blessed for ever and since you are going there take these chick peas also to sell.”

Child Kanwar obeyed his beloved mother and went to the place where the beloved of all, the highly revered Saint Sai Satramdas Sahib was performing bhakti. Since the place was over crowded Child Kanwarram did not get a clear passage to go inside and so he got little upset but since his intense longing to meet his beloved was soaring in his heart he therefore to attract the attention of Saint Satramdas Sahib, started Singing in his harmonious voice, “who is the one and only one, Lord’s beloved who shall buy dried Peas from Kanwar” on listening to his melodious voice which was actually a call from his beloved little disciple for HIM, Sai Satramdas Sahib who was completely engrossed in his bhakti could not resist and went out to meet Kanwarram during his bhakti and looked at him. Bhagat Sahib fell on his feet. When Saijan asked his name he replied “Gulam Kanwar” Kanwar, “Who is your servant?” and after saying this Kanwar offered chick peas as Prashad to him. When Satguru Sai asked Kanwar the cost of chick peas, Kanwarram said, “Money for what? I am yours. These chick peas are also yours, and if you want to give me something in exchange of these chick peas then accept me as your discipe and I beg you to give me shelter at your divine lotus feet.” On hearing what Kanwarram said Satguru Sai by hugging Kanwar accepted him as his disciple and asked child Kanwar to offer the chick peas to the others who were present there. Kanwar with his small little hands gave chick peas to every one, and then Shehensha Satguru said “Kanwar your chick peas are accepted” which actually meant that ‘Kanwar you are accepted’.

Sacho Satram.