Saint Satramdas Sahib would not only take care of humans but also of, all other living beings.

He would say that the Human form is the most precious form gifted by true beloved Lord to us. It is the most highest regarded form because in this form we are given an opportunity to become one with the Lord by doing Meditation upon his pious name and can please Lord by sharing what we have been blessed with by the beloved God with others. when we live in our house, city, society and country the one having the most highest post performs his duty and takes care of the requirements and the safety of all under him. He is regarded and honored as master or head because he performs his duties towards others very efficiently.

He will be regarded as the best of all and above all if he performs his duties towards the ones under him by taking care of them and their safety with complete honesty, but, if he shows his disrespect towards his duties due to his ego and troubles and hurts people then he will lose his self respect and every one will look at him with hatred and he will lose respect for his such a respectful human form too.

God has sent us on this earth by blessing us with the highest form above all the other forms of living beings.
Being blessed with the highest form by the beloved Lord it is the duty of the humans to take care of the safety and prosperity of all the living beings who are living or have taken birth in their society and surroundings and if a human performs his duties with honesty he becomes eminent before the Lord Almighty.

Saint Satramdas Sahib came to this mother earth as a blessing for all living beings. He would teach people during his bhakti and satsangs that they should take care of each and every living being, as all the living beings are the Lord’s children and the soul that dwells in humans, is present as a God’s charisma in others too, so humans should wake up and should not waste time in useless and wasted thoughts and perform their duties towards all.

Saint Satram Das Sahib would bless and take care of not only the birds and animals living nearby but used to go to the forests also to bless them and would feed them as per their food requirements, like roti, food, grains, sweet tapashas, sugar and candy sugar for big black and small ants. By taking care of each and every living being. He would remind humans of their greatness by making them realise of their highest regard, he would consider them as the care takers, who take care of every one.
Due to the the noble selfless services of Saint Satramdas sahib people would sing in the praise of his qualities and respectable honor.

After listening to the wonderful discourses of Saijan , people, Instead of troubling, slaughtering and beating birds and animals used to take care of them by providing food , water cereals and grass for them and used to keep them as their domestic pets.
By following the teachings of Saint Satramdas Sahib people would keep the utensils made of mud filled with water, cereals and pulses on the roofs and terraces of their houses for the birds and to be blessed by the beloved Lord.

They would also get water from the wells for the animals and used to store the water outside their houses in the big ponds built by them. Saint Satramdas Sahib would also apply medicines on the wounds of injured animals and birds, he would also take care of the sick cattle by getting their medical treatment done.

He would teach people not to make the mute animals work a lot instead treat them as their own family members by providing them with good food and water because this was the secret of gaining Blessing of Dear Lord.

Saint Satramdas would teach that if we do good to others God does good to us.

If we have mercy on the hungry, thirsty and troubled, God will shower his mercy upon us.
May we understand the importance of such a blessing and wisdom.

Sacho Satram.