Shradhs were coming closer in Badah, Shehenshah Satguru Saint Satramdas Sahib asked Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib to plaster the walls of Dham Sahib along with others. Every one was enjoying the job, some were plastering the walls downstairs some of them were doing it upstairs, Some were carrying the plaster in the containers some of them were taking the plaster up on the staircase to hand it to others working upstairs.

Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib was also working along with everyone and at one particular moment when Bhagat sahib was carrying the container of the plaster and climbing the stairs his foot slipped and he fell down along with the staircase and he got hurt very badly and became unconscious, every one gathered around him and some boys went to call Shehenshah Satguru Saint Satram Das Sahib.

Saint Satramdas sahib came and lovingly kept his hand on Saint Kanwarram Sahib to bless him and Kanwarram immediately got up and fell at the lotus feet of Saijan, Saijan smiled and asked Kanwar if he wanted any thing. Kanwarram replied with folded hands “Oh, the True lord you woke me up when I was unconscious now bless me so that all my sins are also discarded and I achieve the true eternal consciousness”. Satguru Sai Satram Das smiled and very lovingly kept his hand on Kanwarram’s head and blessed him.

Today the whole world can witness that with the blessings of Shehenshah Satguru, Bhagat Kanwarram’s name is so popular around the world.

Sacho Satram.