Once when Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib was sitting with his devotees, a man who was carrying some birds in a cage and was passing from there, saw Saijan, he came and touched Saijan’s feet. Saijan very lovingly looked at him and told him to Release the birds from the cage. Shehenshah Satguru said that these birds look more beautiful flying freely in the sky, and said that every one had the right to enjoy freedom.”

The man who was carrying birds in the cage, said that the type of birth one has, in this life, is determined by actions or karma from the previous lives. If these birds were in cage it was because of their past Karmas and if he does not keep them, somebody else would catch them, so it was better that they were with him.”

Saijan said, that it is true, that the type of life one gets, depends upon his past life karmas, but Sants, give mukti from Karmas.  So instead of thinking about the past deeds of others, it was better to look within, and stop adding more bad karmas to your own life. After listening to Saijan’s inspiring words, this the man fell at the lotus feet of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram Das Sahib, and promised that never in his future, he will catch these innocent birds, as he had understood the actual purpose of his life. Saijan Blessed this man with a gift of pious”NAAM DAAN”.

Sacho Satram.