Since childhood Saint Satramdas Sahib used to spend most of his time in meditation. when he was born he was blessed by his father, the great Saint Sai Khotaram Sahib with the precious Naam daan.

During his daily routine he would feed the little small creatures with Tapashas (made with sugar), choori (made with sugar and wheat flour), sweets, etc . He would also feed the birds by giving them seeds.

When Saint Satramdas Sahib became eligible to study, his father the Great Saint Sai Khotaram Sahib gave the responsibility of his education to one of his devotees, Bhai Veeruram, who was a scholar.

Bhai Veeruram would enjoy the most while teaching Saint Satramdas Sahib . He would continuously look at the illuminated forehead of Saint Satramdas Sahib. Saint Satramdas Sahib was a brilliant, extraordinary and outstanding student. He would absorb quickly and effortlessly what ever Sai Veeruram would teach him. Saint Satramdas Sahib’s handwriting was also very beautiful.

Saijan had a great aptitude for study, Within a very short span of time he learnt, upanishds, Puranas Vedas, Gita, Gurbani and many other religious scriptures and this would make Bhai Veeruram feel very proud of Him.

Sacho Satram.