Once When Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, along with some of his devotees
was passing by a place, he saw some people were hurting and killing the honey bees and  making them fly from their nests in the trees, and then these people were collecting honey from the honey combs.

They told Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, that they have been doing this, for fun, and they do it very frequently.
Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb, told them that the bees, store honey in honey combs and  live with her young ones in these nests.Honey bees collect pollen and nectar from the flowers and prepare honey, and this honey can cure so many diseases.
This Honey is very useful as a medicine, God has added a healing power in it which is incredible.If we closely observe the process, of how honey is made, we can get useful knowledge, as well as, good health, and get connected to the Lord. He also said that among all the bees, there is a Queen Mother bee, who has the blessing, and power of sensing the flowers and plants, very intelligently. When she is satisfied with the quality and type of flowers and the plants, she goes back to the young ones, and the other bees, and then, they all follow her back, to those plants and flowers to collect the nectar from them. The Mother bee while flying leaves a fragrance behind, which is like an invisible line and by sensing that fragrance, the other bees follow her.When all the bees, reach the flowers and plants to collect the nectar, they do not damage them at all, while doing their job.
In the same way they follow mother bee, back to their nests by sensing her sweet fragrance, and use the nectar to make honey, which they store for winters, because during winters, collecting nectar becomes difficult as there are less flowers. Honey is good  for our good health also  and cures many diseases but we should be very careful and not greedy,  while collecting honey for our own consumption, because honey is collected by bees for their own survival during winters with their hard work.

As the honey is made by following the queen bee, without hurting any one, it has a miraculous power of healing. If we too live our lives without troubling any one and follow the path of our Satguru by destroying our ego, we too can be blessed by the lord in such a way, that we can set a wonderful example for all the living beings. By following the path of love and care we can make our lives beautiful and can attain oneness.

Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib Said” Dear children, by destroying and squeezing the fresh and undeveloped honey combs we commit a sin of manslaughter and we also get the curse of troubling living beings, without any reason, which is not acceptable even by the NATURE and the hard work food and power of the honey bees also get wasted, and their process of giving birth to their young ones also stops.

If honey is extracted for curing the diseases of humans, their betterment and for increasing their inner power, without hurting the bees it is good otherwise it is a sin.

Sacho Satram.