True devotion of Mata Suchet Devi.

Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib along with his life partner Mata Suchet Devi
and many of his followers reached Hyderabad on the invitation of the wedding of Shree Jeevandas Bhojwani who was
Shree Kundandas Teerathmal bhojwani’s beloved son.

Thousands of people came to receive Shehenshah Satguru at the station.
Many People were singing devotional bhajans, some of
them were playing dholak and some were playing flutes.
People were dancing happily on the arrival of such a great Sant.
Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb along with all those who came to receive him
reached the place where the actual wedding ceremony was going to
take place.

The Panchayat of Hyderabad, people from the nearby villages and
cities, Bhojwani family, their relatives and many other Sadhus and
Sants had gathered to welcome, Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, carrying the
garlands of flowers for him and were showering beautiful rose petals on
him .

Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb participated in all the wedding ceremonies and personally blessed the groom on the ceremony of Sehra bandi, and he himself made the groom wear the traditional head gear ( a beautiful traditional head gear/turban/ which a groom wears at the time of the wedding). Shehenshah Satguru was also requested by the groom’s father to bless the groom by performing certain rituals which are otherwise performed by the groom’s father at the time of the wedding.

Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib along with his devotees did bhakti and keertan at the wedding ceremony and transmitted love and happiness in the hearts of the people, present at the wedding.
Mata Suchet Devi also was requested to perform all the rituals which are actually performed by the groom’s mother, and she very happily participated,in all the rituals.

During the wedding ceremony many rich ladies wearing a lot of gold
Jewelry, and expensive dresses were present, they were all wearing
gold bangles and heavy gold necklaces and beautiful
earrings, even the ladies from the neighborhoods were wearing
beautiful clothes and expensive jewelry but Mata Suchet Devi was wearing a
simple dress with very simple jewelry.

when they all went to the girl’s house for the wedding ceremony the
ladies from the girl’s side were also dressed up very beautifully and
everyone’s jewelry was dazzling in the wedding lights. Mata Suchet
Devi was looking so simple compare to others.

when Sant Satramdas along with his disciples came back to Raharki
Saheb, he asked Mata Suchet Devi if she enjoyed at the wedding ceremony.
Mata Suchet devi told Shehenshah Satguru about her experience at the wedding function and also told Sai, that the ladies in the wedding were wearing expensive clothes and precious jewellery and everyone was enjoying and feeling so happy.

Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb with his divine smile looked at Mata Suchet
Devi and suddenly with a slight gust of wind, one corner of Sant Sai Satramdas
Saheb’s mattress moved up and Mata Suchet Devi to her great surprise saw that there were, precious jewels , gold , precious ornaments , diamonds etc under the mattress.
Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb with a beautiful smile Said ” Suchet , you take whatever you like from this, because you also have the right to wear beautiful jewellery “.
This sight and the divine light flowing from the eyes of
Sant Sai Satramdas Saheb illuminated her mind and she
Became, blissfully happy.

Mata Suchet Devi was spiritually awakened and she bowed her head
before, Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib and said “Shehenshah Sai, my eyes have seen the divine light in the depth of the darkness of ignorance and I have understood that my honor is in serving you. Through your loving blessings I have realised that these materialistic things are useless and my actual valuable asset is my own inner self consciousness and that is Naam Ratan, which can give Mukti to the one who meditates upon it, so today I request you at your divine lotus feet , that instead of these materialistic things , bless me with Naam Daan, so that I can prosper in true sense in my life.”

This desire of spiritual treasure and the acceptance of Naam Daan
from Sant Satramdas Saheb, changed Maata Sahib’s life and she sensed oneness in everything and got religiously involved in selfless seva.
She used to serve at Sant Satram dham by washing clothes, cleaning
the temple, and looking after the guests and not letting anyone go, without eating

She was so much involved in seva, that everyday she would herself check if the food for
all the guest and even for the people who were unwell was ready on time. Mata Sachet Devi would give wonderful gifts to the women
guests before they left, and if anyone was in hurry she would pack
the food for them in a brass Tiffin box.
The food (bhandara Saheb) at Sant Satram dham would always be
ready on time without any delay.
The service at bhandara Sahib at Sant Satram dham never stopped.

Mata Sachet Devi would give her jewelry to poor and orphan girls.
The number of hands to take, would decrease but she would never
stop helping. she would make trousseau for the orphan girls and the girls of
poor and needy people too.

She was always connected to the selfless service and meditation.

Mata Sachet Devi was known as Badi Amma Saheb by all the
devotees at Sant Satramdham. She was a dignified and a selfless woman. Her face was always glowing with a
divine light.
Mata Sachet Devi was very beautiful and her voice was sweet like
honey. Mata Suchet Devi knew the treatment for all types of diseases in
women and children, e.g. throat problems, headaches, stomach
problems and also knew how to treat someone if he or she is bitten by poisonous insects or animals.

Mata Suchet Devi was a Noble woman and truly a miracle worker for all.

Sacho Satram.