Once during the ambrosial hours Saint Kanwarram sahib went to get water from the well for the guests at Sant satram Dham. when he reached the well he saw a Fakir (beggar) sitting there, and out of respect Saint Kanwaram Sahib greeted him and started collecting the water.

When fakir saw Saint Kanwarram Sahib showing respect for him his ego started growing and he in a very stern way told Saint Kanwarram that if he wants to serve someone he should
serve him first, as he had immense knowledge and strength and he also possessed the powers to feed people and at the same time he could kill them too. He said that his mantra can stop the things to prosper and that is why who ever tries to challenge him, he burns him to ashes with his magical powers.Fakir told Saint
Kanwarram Saheb to serve him first and also wanted him to follow his instructions.

Kanwarram Sahib out of respect said “Fakir baba keep your mantras and magical powers with your Good self and please bless and pray for me that I always serve My true Satguru Saint Satramdas Saheb.
My Satguru Says that we must share what God has given us with everyone and if we are blessed with happiness we must keep others also happy, nobody in this world should be unhappy. God has given us this life to serve all the living beings and help each other, and For me Serving My Satguru is like serving God.”

The Fakir got very angry and said” I am telling you to oblige me and you think that God’s grace is everything for you? Now sing a raag for me otherwise I will block your throat with my magical powers.”
Saint Kanwarram sahib requested the Fakir to let him go to complete his service at Sant Satram Dham and said that he will come back to fulfill his wish.

Fakir Said, that he should first fulfill his wish and told told Kanwarram Saheb to sing a raag for him otherwise he will curse him.
Saint Kanwarram sahib with folded hands said “serving at my Guru ji’s temple is my first priority and you should not get angry, because, I can sacrifice my voice for the service at the sacred
temple of my Guru ji. “

Fakir got up and out of rage and anger murmured some mantra and said “from now onwards your throat will remain blocked and you will not be able to sing and no power in this world can change my curse on you.”

After speaking bad words the fakir went away and Saint Kanwarram Sahib picked up his things and went to his Guru ji Saint Satramdas Saheb’s Dham. while he was walking he thought of his voice and tried to sing but realised that his throat had got blocked.

After completing his routine Service at the temple he went and sat close to Saint Satramdas Saheb.

Saint Satramdas Saheb was doing meditation and after sometime when he opened his eyes he smilingly looked at Saint Kanwaram Saheb and said” Kanwar, the life of that person stops who tries to stop selfless service, the fire of jealousy burns the jealous person and a jealous person never prosper anywhere, the one who does selfless service is never harmed by anyone, in fact he and even his children if come and do selfless service with total faith remain happy and always prosper. Kanwar my son, a true devotee is the one who keeps jealousy, anger and ego away from himself and always remains loving and regards everyone as equal.”

Satguru Saint Satram Das Saheb asked Kanwarram Saheb to sing, and now when Kanwarram Sahib started singing he could sing even more clearly and even with a better higher pitch with the blessings of Saint Satramdas Saheb. On the other hand The Fakir who had cursed Kanwarram Saheb got stung by a snake and died a very painful death.

From this we get to learn that since selfless service is the temple where a person finds GOD and the one who tries to interrupts such a service gets destroyed, so let us come and participate in the selfless services offered at Saint Satram Dham.

Sacho Satram.