The head of Nasirabad Sadoromal Awatrai Ahuja came to Saint Satramdas Sahib. He told Saint satramdas Sahib that he was very unhappy and upset because of the unacceptable behavior of his son Kishore kumar.

He told Saint SatramdasSahib that his son had become cruel and disobedient. He said that his son had no respect for elders and no love for children and he had become a burden not only for his own family but even for the people of the city. He keeps fighting with someone or the other.

Sadoromal told Saint Satramdas Sahib that due to his son’s violent and unacceptable behavior he has got tired of apologising to people, he said that all the family members are unhappy due to this, he also said that his son has the habit of raising his hands on the family members for very minor issues, and also uses filthy language for them and If he does not get the food of his choice and finds the taste of the food not what he wanted he starts fighting.

He said that they all are under stress and being the head of the house he feels very sad about his son and sometimes due to his son’s cruel behavior they get ill thoughts in their minds about him.He told Saint Satramdas Sahib that he feels very unfortunate and he wishes that either he or his son dies then only there will be peace everywhere, Sadoromal requested Saint Satramdas Sahib to help him in coming out of this extremely bad situation.

Saint Satramdas Sahib with a loving smile said ” children are God’s blessings and we should give them blessings and not curse them” Sadoromal mal told Saint Satramdas Sahib that his son does not have, even a single quality ,so its not possible for him to think good about him, and he requested Saint Satramdas Sahib to do something about him or about his son.

Saint Satramdas Sahib again told Sadoromal that he should not speak ill of his son, even if his son is not behaving properly, but Sadoromal replied that his son had done so much bad to them, that now they cannot speak good of him but can only curse him.

Saint Satramdas Saheb told Sadoromal that now if his son commits something wrong or if any one comes and complains about him he should tell those people that everything was going to be alright and his son’s behavior was changing and he was becoming a better person. After hearing these words from Saint Satramdas Saheb Sadoromal went back home.

When Sadoromal reached home he was surprised to see that so many angry people were waiting for him at his door and they were also carrying an injured child with them, and on seeing Sadoromal they told him that his son Kishore had injured the child by throwing a stone at him.

Sadoromal remembered what Saint Satramdas Sahib had told him and he told the people waiting there, not to worry as his son was changing and would become a nice person very soon , he also told these people that those were the words Saint Satramdas Sahib had said about his son, and On hearing about what saint Satramdas sahib said about Kishore, people went away.

The moment Sadoromal entered the house all the family members started complaing to him about Kishore. Sadoromal told everyone that saint Satramdas Sahib said that very soon Kishore will change and will become a good person.
Now who ever complained about Kishore Sadoromal would say what Saint Satramdas Sahib had told him and started giving blessings to his son instead of cursing him and this brought a miraculous change in Kishore.
As the days passed Kishore became mild and most of the time he would remain quiet.

After a week he came to his father and told him that something had happened to him and he was not liking anything and he does not feel like talking to anyone.

Sadoromal told his son that the change in him is because of the blessings of Saint Satramdas Sahib and told him to come with him to Raharki sahib for the divine Darshan of Saint Satram das sahib.

Sadoromal along with his son went to Saint Satramdas Sahib and both of them touched his lotus feet .
Kishore and his father stayed in Raharki sahib and every day kishore would spend time in the company of saint Satramdas Sahib.
The person who used to fight with people now used to sit in meditation very regularly , earlier he used to speak very bad language but now he spoke very lovingly with everyone and he would also serve all at Sant satram dham temple.

As the time passed Kishore became so good that everyone started liking him. The blessings of Saint Satramadas sahib made him a person of good behavior and of good character too.
On noticing this wonderful change in Kishore , Sadoromal went to Saint Satramdas Sahib and asked him that how all of a sudden the behavior of his son kishore changed.

Saint satramdas Sahib said “all this was the miracle of blessings. God has blessed us with two hands and these hands make us humans, if God changes these hands into our feet then our looks will change and we will become like wandering animals.Since God has blessed us with two hands , it is our duty that we make good use of these hands, by becoming independent and earning through hard work and not depending on others. When first duty of doing hard work is done our second duty is serving people by respecting the elders and even the guests, donating things and money to those who are deserving and taking care of the needy and should also take care of ill people.

By the time a person understands all these duties he grows old and becomes experienced, growing old does not mean that a person becomes useless, infact as a head of the house he gets a higher position. A higher position is of God almighty also who is the ocean of Kindness and when he gives somebody the higher position he transmits his qualities of love and kindness into that person and bestows his hands with the divine power of blessings, you must have seen when the young ones bow down before the elders, the hands of the elders automatically move upwards to bless them and that happens instantly and no one can stop them. The blessings elders give with all their heart are filled with God’s divine love in which the young ones get fully merged.That means that our hands have three divine qualities first is doing hard work, second serving others and the third one is giving blessings.

It is therefore necessary for the people that they should do their duties with their hands according to their age and position.

It is the duty of young ones to serve and respect elders and the elders should always give them blessings.
God has given us this human form to give, and not to take. when we give food to hungry or something to a needy person we get a lot of inner peace and happiness but if we beg for something from other people we feel guilty and so ashamed of ourselves.

we humans have to give and not take from others. The youngsters should give respect to elders and the elders should give love and blessings to the youngsters. The problem increases when instead of giving, we expect to take from others. youngsters expect elders to give them love and blessings and the elders expect their young ones to give them respect, and due to these expectations, they become beggars and expect things from each other, that creates conflicts and disagreement in the house, society and the whole atmosphere. Same thing happened with you and your son, he lost respect for you and you stopped giving him blessings but now when you did your duty by giving blessings to your son, he too started respecting you, that means the man should not become a beggar for love and blessings he should perform his duty according to his position and should not expect from others and then automatically the things he deserves he will get.

The youngsters should respect their elders without expecting their elders to love them and bless them as these will come to them without asking and the elders also should keep giving blessings to the youngsters without expecting them to take care of them and respecting them because by their blessings the young ones will always bow their heads before them.”

After serving at Raharki Saheb, accepting NAAM DAAN from Saint Satramdas Sahib and spending some days at Sant Satram dham when Sadoromal and kishore returned to their city Kishore who used to pick up fights with every one started loving all, the person who used to snatch food from others started serving food to others, there was so much change in him that those who used to hate him started loving him, everyone were praising the teachings of Saint Satramdas Saheb and they all started following his teaching to change their atmosphere and all young ones started respecting their elders without expecting any thing from them and the elders too started blessings their young ones without expecting any respect from them. Everyone started performing their duties of hard work, selfless service and giving blessings to the young ones and making heaven on earth.

May the blessings of Saint Satramdas Saheb keep showering upon all of us and the humanity becomes rich with, good character, love and respect and humans make safe and happy future and the future of their young generations.

Sacho Satram.