Saint Satramdas Saheb visited the city of Mithi On the invitation of the people and the Panchayat of the city.

After blessing everyone with the satsang, Saijan went to take rest. Some devotees were given the duty to remain present outside the room where Saint Satramdas Saheb was taking rest so that, no one disturbs him.

while the devotees were discussing about the divine Satsang of Saint Satramdas Sahib and were enjoying the divine bliss during the conversation about the teachings of Saint Satramdas Sahib, they saw, a poisonous snake, entering the room of Saint Satramdas Sahib through the window. The devotees got scared and before they could take any action the snake had already entered the room, they felt helpless and did not know what to do.

They all knew that that Saint Satramdas sahib was all alone inside the room and since they had no other option, they peeped through the window and were astonished to see that Saint Satramdas Sahib was not taking rest but he was in deep meditation, and the snake after taking rounds around saint Satramdas Sahib’s bed, quietly sat before him.

when Saint Satramdas Sahib opened his eyes he looked at the snake and smiled, and at that moment all the devotees who were sitting outside of the room went inside the room and tried to pick up the snake but the snake did not move and remained where it was.
Saint Satramdas Sahib told the devotees to leave the poor creature, but the devotees said, that, since it was a poisonous snake they cannot leave him free.

Saint satramdas Sahib said ” Now this snake has became a great soul and has become quiet and peaceful through the joy and the divine bliss he has got, deep within him, by sitting before me while I was meditating, and now it has become calm and peaceful, and it is no more violent, so let it stay here.”

The people of the city of mithi were surprised to listen to what Saint Satramdas Sahib told them, and requested Saint Satramdas Sahib to explain, the power of inner peace and calmness.
Saint Satramdas Sahib told them a story, that once some sadhus went for a pilgrimage, and one day while travelling in the afternoon, they came to a village, and since it was very hot, and no one from that village knew them, they decided to take rest under a tree till evening. while the sadhus were taking rest, a lady, who was passing from there, saw them and asked them, that why they were sitting there. The sadhus told her, that they were going for a pilgrimage and were taking rest under a tree as it was very hot.The lady invited them to her house.

The sadhus happily accepted her invitation and went to her house, and the lady served them lassi. Sadhus after drinking lassi and taking rest for sometime left from her house.

After the sadhus left, the lady picked up the container of lassi and was shocked to see a dead poisonous lizard inside. She got very upset and did not know what to do, as the Sadhus had already left.
Everyday she prayed to God for the good health of the sadhus.
On the return journey the sadhus once again went to that lady’s house and the lady was surprised to see them in good health.
She repeatedly asked them, if they were feeling good during their journey. the sadhus told her that they were in good health, but since the lady kept on asking them again and again, about their health, one of the sadhus asked her, that why repeatedly she was asking this question to them.

The lady told them, that when they left from her house she found a dead poisonous lizard in the jar of lassi, she had served them. On hearing about the dead lizard in the jar of lassi, all of them started feeling dizzy, started vomiting and also started complaining of stomach ache.
Saint Satramdas sahib said, that till the sadhus were in the divine inner peace and traveled peacefully with inner joy, they were in good health, but the moment their inner peace got Disturbed, and worry and anxiousness over powered their inner peace, the fear and worry started spreading within their nerves, and they started feeling uneasy and suffered in pain.

Saint satramdas Sahib Said that peace and calmness, are so effective and powerful, that they can eradicate the harmful effect of poison also, and no sorrow can attack a person, who is calm and peaceful at heart.

Saint satramdas Sahib said that the snake came to him at the time he was meditating, so the divine bliss and peace of that auspicious moment brought a change in the snake and very soon with the grace of the Lord the snake will attain moksha.

After listening to such an inspiring story the people of Mithi requested Saint Satramdas Sahib to bless them with naam daan, so that they also can attain peace and true happiness.

when Saint Satramdas Sahib started leaving from Mithi, the snake also accompanied him to Raharki sahib and lived there.

The snake used to come and sit whenever Saint Satramdas Sahib blessed people with his beautiful Satsang and after the satsang, it would go back to the place Saijan had given him to live.

The devotees at Raharki Saheb would take care of the snake and the snake spent its remaining life in peace and calmness and attained Moksha.

Sacho Satram.