Sai Satram Das Sahib blessed people with the precious gift of Naam Daan( Divine Mantra).People were blessed and guided by Saijan, on the sacred path of Bhakti and Naam simran. Saijan gave shelter to homeless, and help, to the poor and needy

Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib, personally, used to look after, the hospitality of all the devotees, all the other activities and services provided at Sant Satram Dham.

Food used to be served everyday to the devotees and the other needy people and the duty to serve the food was of Bhai Rohraram.

Once Saijan was passing by the place where Bhandara  was served everyday, and he noticed, that the Bhandara , was ready and everybody was waiting for it, to be served, but Bhai Rohraram was busy reading a religious book. Saijan called Rohraram and said “Son! Do good deeds is written in the books, but the actual returns we get, only if we practice good deeds”. Saijan told Rohraram, that when he has a seva, to offer, of  serving Bhandara to people, he was wasting his precious time. Saijan said, that Reading is only the first step, but putting into practice what you have read, is the actual path to achievement. Study, by itself, is never enough, but putting it into practice is what matters.

Sacho Satram.