The Head of Khanpur Panchayat and his brothers came to Saint Satramdas Sahib with a Problem.

They told Saint Satramdas Saheb that in their house there were some trees, which had evil souls living in them.These trees made very strange sounds and sometimes all of a sudden their branches would come down on their own, and hurt the family members standing nearby, sometimes they would start shaking without any wind, and they felt that the whole house was also shaking.

They also told Saijan that the children in the house see weird and scary faces and out of fear they start running here and there and try to hide and start crying. Sometimes due to the scary sounds in the night the ladies of the house fell unconscious and men without any reason keep fighting with each other, and the whole house they said, was under the control of some evil power , every one in the house was living under fear.

The atmosphere at their house had become worst than the hell.They told Saint Satramdas Saheb that, to get some solution as they had called many Fakirs and those who do some pujas, prayers and magic but they also ran away because, when they tried to recite any mantras to get rid of these evil souls these ghosts would come out and scare them also.

These fakirs and pundits told the brothers that if they try to do something to take out these evil souls they would start troubling them as they are very strong.

These brothers told Saint Satramdas Saheb that even if they themselves try to recite some Mantras, the ghosts would start chanting the same mantras very loudly and tell these brothers that they already are very well versed with these Mantras and know better than them.

The Brothers told Saint satramdas Saheb that since they have tried many things and now they are tired and can see no way out , they have come to ask for his blessings, to get his help, as it had become very difficult for them to live life peacefully in their own house.

These brothers told Saint Satramdas Sahib that they tried to leave the house but could not succeed. Saint Satramdas Sahib with his charismatic and divine smile, told them to have faith in God and said, that all the God Loving souls are all same and never hurt anyone but sometimes some of these souls who have not been blessed with peace keep wandering here and there.

Saint Satramdas sahib assured them that the evil souls as well as the family members both will get their peace and will achieve happiness very soon.

Saint Satramdas Sahib told these Brother from Khanpur that he himself will come and pray for them in their house.
On the given day and time Saint Satramdas Sahib reached Khanpur.

In his Satsang he Said that happiness, difficulties, peace and frustrations in our lives are all caused by our own made Karmas.
If in this birth we do good things, give happiness to others and do meditation we will get love and peace in the next birth, and with God’s Grace will merge with HIM and attain Oneness.

But if we trouble others in this birth then after we die our souls will not remain peaceful, and will not give peace to others also and since such souls become restless they trouble others too.

Saint Satramdas said that actually all the souls are pure and pious, but due to some problems, some of them which are disturbed, give trouble to others, and they are called evil souls or are given other names like Ghosts etc and are regarded as inferior souls or bad souls, but once if they are also blessed with Naam Simran and blessing of Saints, they too can merge with the enlightened Saints and achieve Peace and remain peaceful.

So it is necessary that we all do good karmas and make our fortune by living happily in this birth and enjoy the bliss of heaven.

The people from Khanpur by listening to the very meaningful and inspirational spiritual examples by Saint Satramdas Saheb got their hearts purified and fear removed and those who were blessed souls saw that even the ghosts of the trees were also sitting and listening to Saint Satramdas Saheb’s Satsang and as they were listening their frustration and unacceptable behavior and impure thoughts were changing and they too became calm and peaceful.

While continuously speaking on goodness Saint Satramdas Saheb walked towards those trees where those evil souls lived and said “come and eat this prasad of God’s blessings and leave this evil behavior and merge with the souls of Devtas and purify yourself , so that you remain happy with God’s grace and make others happy too”

The moment Saint satramdas Sahib spoke these true words all the evil souls came out of the trees and started eating the prasad and were bowing down in adoration before Saint Satramdas Saheb, and people could hear the noises of their coming out of the trees.

This house which was full of evil vibrations scented like a heaven now.

Through this story of Saint Satramdas Saheb we learn that His Blessings can change the inferior lives into the divine lives filled with love , joy and blessings. Those who follow the teachings of Saint Satramdas Saheb live happily and joyfully blessed, with his uncondional love.

Sacho Satram.