Saint Satramdas Sahib would always distribute the offering of Gold, money etc given to him during Bhakti to the poor and needy people.

Once during the prayers and Bhakti Kirtan, one lady offered a cap, which was beautifully embroidered with Golden thread. When Bhagat Sahib saw the cap he hid it and he thought that Saint Satramdas Sahib will not come to know about it. After the program, when Saint Satramdas Sahib returned back to Raharki Sahib he asked Bhagat Sahib to go back to his house in Jarwar Sahib to take rest. Bhagat Sahib took the hidden cap also with him and left for Jarwar. When he reached home he got a very high fever that continued for many days. After giving medicines also he could not be cured.

Finally he came back to Raharki Sahib and fell at the feet of Saint Satramdas Sahib and begged for his blessings. Saint Satramdas Sahib said, “Kanwar your fever is in that cap which we got during the prayers as an offering in the name of God and you kept it for yourself. Little sin grows into a bigger one. Today you had the greed for that cap and tomorrow your greed will increase for some other material, and then for money and then the day will come that people will take us for Bhakti and prayers in the name of God and we will be greedy for the offerings we get during bhakti in the name of God for the poor and needy children. So instead of getting blessings from the place of Bhakti we will get guilt with us. We went for prayers and sang in the praise of our master and creator, and to get Blessings of people, but you came back with pain, sorrow, greed and that valueless cap. That means instead of blessings you got guilt with you. Now you give that cap to some needy person and get relief from the guilt that is troubling you in the form of fever.”

Kanwaram felt very guilty and realised his mistake and immediately gave the cap to a needy person and at that very moment he started feeling healthy. He told Saint Satramdas Sahib-
that he committed that sin unknowingly, and wanted HIM to bless him so that he never commits such a mistake again.

Sacho Satram.