Once when Saint Satramdas Sahib went to Roheri for the anniversary of Sai Wasanshah, a man whose name was Moolchand, (Who was one of the known devotees of Saijan) told Saijan that Lahorimal who was also his relative had got a decree from him.(During the British rule it was a rule that if somebody borrowed money from someone he will have to give in writing the transfer of possession of his own property to the person he is taking money from, and that document was called decree) Only six months were left for the repayment.

He informed Saijan that he had only his house left with him, which he will have to give to Lahorimal and that was the only place of shelter for him and his family. So he requested Saijan to ask Lahorimal to withdraw this decree. After listening to Moolchand , Saint Satramdas Sahib went to Lahorimal and asked him to withdraw the decree on Moolchand. But Lahorimal did not co-operate. Saint Satramdas Sahib told Lahorimal, that Moolchand wanted his help in the name of God and he had come to him for the same in the name of God. Now it was up to him. After returning from Lahori Mal Saint Satramdas Sahib told Moolchand to have faith in God and his justice.

Within a few days Lahorimal fell sick and passed away. After a bath was given to his dead body (a Hindu custom) his body was kept on the cot for the funeral. Suddenly the door opened and wrapped in his white dress, for his last journey, Lahorimal appeared, and every one present was shocked. Lahorimal said that actually his soul had already left his body but when he reached at the divine feet of the Lord in heaven the guard outside told him that it is true that he had earned a lot of blessings but because he did not obey Saint Satramdas Sahib, who had to go back from his house unsatisfied, all the good deeds earned by him will go waste, and now he will have no place in heaven as well as hell and he asked the guards to give him a little time to go back so that he can correct his mistake. The guards agreed and that”s is why he said that he had come to withdraw the decree on Moolchand.”

Moolchand who was sitting there, gave Lahorimal the document of decree and Lahorimal signed it and said that this is not from him but it was a blessing from Saint Satramdas Sahib to him who is Master of the whole universe. After saying this Lahorimal gave the document of decree to Moolchand and left for heavenly abode.

Sacho Satram.