The bliss of Naam simran can change a person’s fate.

Once when Saint Satramdas Sahib was listening to the people who had come to meet him and were discussing their problems with him, a rich businessman from Bhambhra bhari shree Mukund mal asked Saint Satramdas Saheb to show him a real life drama of this world and also how to swim across this ocean of life successfully.

Saint Satramdas Saheb with a divine smile told Mukund mal that if he wanted to see the life in this world he should travel some places.

After some days Mukund mal left for a pilgrimage. while returning back after visiting many holy places he stayed at a lodging at a place called Amrot in Sind province.

Sometimes back a man from Amrot who looked exactly like Mukund Mal had left his house after a fight with his family members.
A friend of that man saw Mukundmal and thought him to be that man, and he called one of his friends and showed him Mukundmal who was sitting in the lodge and said that “see this man looks like the man who had run away from his family”

They thought of taking him back to his family so they went to Mukund mal and said ” dear friend it is not good to keep your anger for so many years , you left for so many years and you did not think of your family and children also.”

Mukund mal got worried and said ” which anger and which children you are talking about, I am from Bhambhara bhari”.
The moment Mukund mal said these words people got angry with him and all the people of the town got assembled at the sight and told Mukund Mal to go back home but when Mukundmal did not agree they forcefully took him to the house of that man who looked like Mukund mal.The children of that man also thought Mukund mal to be their father and their mother told him that the fights do happen in any house but he cannot be so mean that he was not recognizing his own children. Now Mukund mal got more worried.

unfortunately Mukund mal had some marks on his body which were also present on the body of the man who had run away from his house.

This gave the people of Amrot full confidence that Mukund mal was lying and they became more aggressive with him and tied him up in that house. They also warned him to behave and take care of his house otherwise he will have to repent.

Mukund mal told the people of Amrot not to force him to live there over night, he told them that his name is Mukund mal and he belonged to Bhambhra, he also informed them that he is a devotee of Saint Satramdas Saheb, he said that he respects all the family members of that family but wanted some of them to accompany him to Saint Satramdas Saheb at Raharki Saheb and then he will agree to whatever decision Saint Satramdas Saheb would take for him.

First they thought that Mukund mal was making excuses but then after hearing the name of Saint satramdas Saheb who was a great Saint and they all knew about his greatness, agreed with Mukund mal and said that they also believe in Saint Satramdas Sahib’s justice and will go with him to Raharki Saheb.

Next day in the morning four people tied Mumkund mal so that he is unable to runaway and took him to Raharki Saheb to Saint Satramdas Saheb.

When they reached Raharki Saheb they came to know that on a loving invitation by the people of Kashmore Saint Satramdas Saheb had left for Kashmore. Mukund mal was calling Saint Satramdas Saheb from the core of his heart and was praying to him to get him out of this problem. The people at Raharki Saheb who knew Mukund mal felt very bad about him and told the people of Amrot to leave him but these people wanted Saint Satram Das Saheb to take the decision.

All of them via Ranwti ( a village) travelled for Kashmore by boats. When they reached Kashmore they came to know that Saint Satram Das saheb was purifying the hearts of people with his divine blessings.

The people of Amrot brought tied up Mukund mal before Saint Satramdas Saheb and looking at the condition of Mukund mal Saint Satramdas Saheb smiled and said “Mukundmal, did you see the life drama of this world or you still want more to see.”
Mukundmal fell at the lotus feet of Saint Satramdas Saheb and said “The truthful Great saint, now I have had enough and have no more energy to bear this.”

The people of Amrot told Saint Satramdas Saheb that he had all those marks on his body which a person who had left his house had on his body too, and still if you want we can tell you about more such marks which can prove that he only is the man from our village, they told Saint Satramdas Saheb that the man they are looking out for has a cut on his head and if this person who is calling himself Mukund mal has the same cut mark on his head then it will prove that he is that man whom they are searching for.

This gave a shock to Mukundmal as he also had a cut mark on his head and now he got upset and understood that if they see this mark on his head he will have to go with them.

Saint Satramdas Saheb very lovingly kept his hand on Mukunmal’s head and the mark on his head vanished. When the people of Amrot searched for the mark on Mukund mal’s head they did not find any mark and got confused.

Saint Satramdas Saheb Said that this man was not the one they were looking for but he was Mukund mal and the one who out of anger had left the house was in the city and asked the people of Amrot to go and get him so that he lives with his family

The people of Amrot became very happy to know about the whereabouts of the man they were searching for, and started praising the justice of Saint Satramdas Saheb.

In his Satsang Saint Satram Das Sahib said that Mukund mal wanted to see the real life drama of this world ,and said, that, actually all the people are travelers in their lives, they take birth and get trapped in the attachments of relationships and then again in the next birth also they do the same mistake and keep travelling from one birth to another but those who understand the truth of oneness and respect and follow their Sat guru unconditionally and also get connected to Him through Naam Simran and seek the shelter of their Sat guru , get their lines of fate of wandering from one birth to another erased and then they achieve oneness.

Mukund mal fell at the feet of Saint satramdas Saheb and told Saint Satramdas Saheb to get him out of the bondages of attachment and bless him with Naam simran so that he becomes free from the clutches of attachments.

After getting the blessings and accepting the Naam Daan from Saint Satramdas Saheb Mukund mal became one with Saint Satramdas Saheb

From this story from the life of Saint Satramdas Saheb we learn that this life is full of clutches of attachments and a person by getting trapped in such temporary relationships becomes slave of these attachments and he keeps wandering from one birth to another and only the meditation and Naam simran can give true freedom to such a person.

So let us remember Saint Satramdas Saheb and meditate upon his divine name and get connected to him.

Sacho Satram.