In the beginning of nineteenth Century during the spring when birds were twittering, chirping and singing in happiness. The Cool breeze was making the hearts feel happy and comfortable. A cuckoo in her sweet melodious voice was remembering the master of her beautiful surrounding, all living beings, and every small creature was enjoying the spiritual peace. Suddenly some lovely fragrance spread in the air, which made all the living beings feel at utmost peace, and in such an atmosphere the mother earth also felt grand.

This was an indication of something miraculous which was going to happen. every particle in the entire universe was illuminated with the light of pious divine joy as this was the precious time of the divine birth of a great Master, a great Sant, Sant Khotaram Sahib. The child was quite, calm and did not make any noise usually made by a new born baby.  He was chanting the divine Shabd OM OM and everyone who was sitting there at that time witnessed the miracle and was surprised, as they had never heard such a sweet and melodious voice before. After some time the child closed his eyes and went into deep spiritual meditation. During the childhood days when other children kept playing, this godly child was engrossed in the thoughts of his master. He would sit in a quiet place deeply absorbed in meditation. God had blessed him with the melodious voice so pure and divine. The harmonious divine sounds of sadness and contentment would pour through his heart.

Those who would listen to his pleasing voice felt the need to achieve divinity. The magnificent voice that used to flow from his heart gave calmness to not only the humans but also to each and every living being. This was the reason why when he sang a raga, along with his followers, the birds and other small creature would also come close to him, to listen to him. His name reached each and every corner of the world. Many a people became his students. Delegations from different cities started coming to him to seek his blessings. Whenever he travelled, he took his food and other necessities along with him and would always advice others accompanying him, not to become a burden on somebody. One must eat out of what he earns through his hard work, he would say. Sai Khotaram Sahib would always chant the name of his master in his mind but to keep his disciples disciplined, he would make them chant the name of the God almighty at the regular scheduled time, so even while traveling if they were passing through a jungle or any other deserted pace, they would sit there and Saijan would make his disciples perform bhakti.

On listening to Sai’s melodious voice all the birds,  insects and reptiles would gather around Saijan. The snakes would coil themselves around the tree branches and would lift their heads up to listen to Saijan’s mellifluous voice. All the land would get covered with small insects and as soon as the bhakti would come to an end they all would go back to their paths. In such a pious atmosphere no lion would look at the goats as food, and no snake would look into the nests of the birds for their eggs. Satguru Sai would see God in all living beings.

Sacho Satram.